Sneak Peek at Upcoming Changes to the Vermin Swarm Army Book

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  • VS Sneak peak
    The glorious armies of the Vermin Swarm has prevailed in 0.11, but the time has come to look to the future and how the Vermin Swarm army can expand its hidden empire to stretch over vastly greater dominions. The senate has convened and all has been heeded. Then, in typical Vermin Swarm manner, the council ignored all advice from their lackeys and bickered for days on end. The Siccara representatives tried to assassinate the Plague representatives by writing the word cheese on bottles of rat poison but the Plague representatives just ate the whole thing anyway and asked for more. Once all had come to a final agreement, a Fetthis representative ate the document by mistake (he mistook it for a piece of cheese) so the process had to be started over again with even more bickering. Finally, it was decided that the direction the Vermin Swarm army had been moving towards, with MSU army with monster mash and extreme gunlines, had to change. Too many slaves were dying to breed up all the monsters and summon all the Daemons, and the Rakachit Organization Dark Shards were in short supply. Coincidentally, the 0.11 direction was also not favored by either the 9th age developers nor by the community, so several changes (both buffs and nerfs) where implanted to steer the army away from this.

    1. The Vermin Daemon, the big elephant in the room, was tired of being summoned to each and every game and even more so having to look at his own reflection on the battlefield all the time. All Vermin Daemons held a council and decided that they now only will send one Vermin Daemon to aid the Vermin Swarm, no matter how many Magisters call for them. Furthermore, the council decided to only send the little cousins of the Exalted Vermin Daemons, but that these cousins will be linked to the cults, organizations and schools of the Vermin Swarm society.
    2. Some old magic items that were never used have been removed and some new magic items have been added to allow for better synergy with the armies strong points. The implosion sphere has imploded upon itself and a new magic weapon utilizing the mass horde aspect of the Vermin Swarm army has been added.
    3. Tyrants and chiefs, the main close combat characters, were not used by the Vermin Swarm army to much extent (except as BsBs and MurderbladeLords). Therefore, they received a point decrease and/or access to new mundane equipment. One such option will be a vile brew that can be sneaked into the Gruyere cheese that unsuspecting units of Rats-at-Arms and Vermin Guard eat on the eve before a battle (it's tradition, we promise). The units will then gain a random special rule that boosts the close combat ability (such as devastating charge).
    4. The Doom Bell was brought up many times by the Magisters, but they could not come to any consensus on what was best for it. Thus, in true political fashion, nothing has been done. The Magisters promise that they will fight for the Bell during the next senate meeting, so have hope!
    5. Upon request from several Magisters and Tyrants to add more “Vermin Swarm feel” to the army, some ranged weapons now have the possibility to backfire. The Rakachit Organization objected as they think this is a plot to hinder their plan of world domination by making their favorite toys blow up, but the remaining Vermin Swarm society ignored their objections.
    6. By this time, the large masses of the Vermin Swarm army were beginning to ruffle as they were annoyed of all the new things happening around them. To nip this rebellion in the bud, and to buff the overall close combat ability of the army, most rank and file infantry units received a small point decrease or other buffs. The large masses were happy with this and went back to eating their Gruyere cheese.
    7. Weapon teams, the slightly smaller elephants in the slightly smaller room, have been moved to special instead of core to remove the possibility of flooding the mandatory core points with these. To compensate, the weapon teams are not restricted by other units, so Vermin Swarm players are now allowed to field up to three teams regardless of what is in the rest of the army (ok, not regardless, you cannot take pointy eared elf things in the army, that doesn’t make sense, but you get our point).
    8. The Meatgrinder, the sad excuse for a weapon team that no Tyrant would touch with a thirteen foot pole (even if the pole was made up of Swiss cheese), will also see an important change as it competes for the same entry as the other weapons teams, but has a significantly different role to play.
    9. Fetthis has been complaining recently about the state of their Vermin Hulks, claiming that they were being poisoned by the Plague cult. After a brief bout of aggressive negotiations, Feethis negotiated augmentations that allows for sculpting of the unit to specific needs, accompanied by a small point increase.
    10. The Undernational Union of jeZail rIflerats (UUZI) met and decided that they were being undervalued. To resolve this, they increased their wage and limited the amount of riflerats that could operate under a single Tyrant.
    11. Rakachit was able to invent more powerful versions of our two war machines. However, during negotiations, the senate would only permit battlefield use if the number was limited to two. Rakachit appears to have agreed, although they neglected to show up for the final vote. Rumors abounded of a loose Abomination in the Rakachit wing.
    12. The Dreadmill will see a rather important change, as reports from Tyrants in the field has proved that the short range was crippling the use of the Dreadmill against certain armies, but the ability to auto hit your target was devastating against other armies. The Dreadmill will retain some of its randomness but will to some extent be more reliable.
    13. The Committee of Close Combat Chiefs (CCCC) met with representatives of Fetthis and Litter Undernational Guild (LUG) over the topic of mounts. CCCC believed that The Monstrous Rat, Vermin Hulk bodyguard and War litter were all too weak for the battlefield. After much bartering, and one missing tail, all have been buffed either by point drops or rule changes

    Version for the man-things:
    1. The Vermin Deamon has become a One of a Kind model and has new upgrades.
    2. Implosion Sphere = out, New Magic Weapon = in.
    3. Chiefs have been buffed and have a new upgrade that gives the unit they are in a random special rule for the duration of the battle.
    4. The Doombell will not be changed in this update, but will be in the next.
    5. Some ranged weapons have received a new rule where they can hurt themselves if they miss (badly)
    6. A couple of ranked units received a points decrease.
    7. Weapon teams moved to Special and no longer restricted by the amount of Rats-at-Arms or Vermin Guard units.
    8. Meat Grinder has been changed so it competes better with the other weapon teams
    9. Vermin Hulks have received a new special rule that lets you pick from a list of special rules. And a points increase.
    10. Jezails max and min size have been reduced
    11. Plague Catapult and Lightning Cannon have been buffed, points reduced and combined into one Rare unit.
    12. Dreadmill shooting has changed.
    13. Litter, Hulk Bodyguard and Monstrous Rat have all been buffed.
    Sorry no audio this time ... The rats have eaten it all ... :/

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Comments 19

  • Bugman -

    Really hoping that the Abomb was going to be changed. At present it seems to be lacking something to make it feel, well, rat like. At present it LD just an over grown monster with regen. Boring!

  • Alexey Usachev -

    Very nice! But if "A couple of ranked units received a points decrease.", can we expect the same for the Empire core infantry, which is basically the same?

  • Worm -

    I must say that i like what i see.

  • The Unmarked -

    Looks like some changes in all the right places. We needed a leg up in combat to make a minimal shooting/horde list feasible. Dwarves can do it now. I was going to be disappointed if we didn't get that play style also. The gunline was getting old for everyone, I think. Regarding shooting, I love the fluff self-destruction, but I might have a stroke if I see any multiple-ways-to-misfire nonsense like we had with the 0.11 cannon. I'm my family's breadwinner, please don't make me have a stroke.

    For the Bell, I don't see why a 25-50 point price reduction and -1 wound OR the option to keep points as is but be a mount for an Acolyte (still 150 for Magister) OR be a Special/Rare choice with a Champion level rider were so outlandish that none of them happened. iirc we have the most expensive buff wagon that provides the most inconsistent results. If nothing else, I don't think a drop in points until the Bell effects could be ironed out would've been unwarranted. At least then it might've seen the tabletop. No one wants to pay 200 points for a mount that doesn't 1) kick butt in combat 2) buff every unit in 12" with a small to moderate buff or 3) give the rider +2 to cast. I recognize that the Bell table's effects are hard to get right, long thread on this, that's why I pitched the price drop. Overall, very positive changes though.

  • Squigkikka -

    Really excited to see some disaster results for misses and bad shooting- that has always been a great part of the rat fluff to me :)

  • Dethos -

    Thanks for the peek! Really looking forward to the changes for the infantry with the chief and rat ogre upgrades.

  • LunaticGuy87 -

    I'm eager to see the actual changes, it sounds really interesting! But I do hope (for RT's sake) the buff for our warmachines make up (big time) for beeing reduced to 2. Otherwise my assassins might go on a little stroll late at night... ;)

  • Troels -

    Good old ska... Uhm verminbrew. I've fielded that on many a Master Moul... Uhm Mutater.

  • Master Splinter -

    Sounds good to me. Thanks for the hard work!
    Really looking forward to the new update:-)

  • McClaud_Redaxe -

    No more 30 jezzails?

  • arwaker -

    Great work, great written, I love it love it. Especially supports my skaven style style :)

  • IoRi78 -

    Hope vermin lord lose the 1d3 and jezzails cost more. Or else we have a serious balance problem between books

  • setrius -

    Cachis!!! I was waiting for the Doom bell.

    Anyway, thanks

  • Cezet -

    A new changes yes, yes. Less pew pew and more carnage. Very well, yes yes

  • Nathan Young -

    Squeak Peak?

  • Drakkar -

    Again thanks for the short resume at the end of the sneak peek, it's easier to understand like that ;)

  • tommytucker -

    Wonderfully written sneak peak, thanks the teams and all that.

  • Rainbowlion6 -

    Too bad about the doom bell, but I am very pleased with the changes.
    Thank you for all of your hard work