Asrael Blackwing, the black Imperor (in his early days)

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  • Asrael Blackwing (1.0), high Champion of Slaanesh in this early days. Surrounded by Incorgnitos demonic aura.
    Azrael was one a faithful follower of Slaanesh. But the influence of this dark mother and in distrust dilapidated nameless Daemon Prince of Slaanesh (Ingorgnito) should lead to a new path him soon.

    Armed with the sword of the old. Mirai had once forged from the old to fight against the dark gods. Legends report that the blade can in the right hands, space and time to cut through.

    I wanted to create a Lord in anime / bleach/ naruto optics.
    Asrael: The Lord himself is a vampire Reaper model. He got a new weapon, Mirai (aka. Ichigo ), a new hairstyle, and small changes in the armor.
    Aura: This I built from the remnants of old models (eg the dragon wings) and green stuff.

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