Knight of the Realm, also Heraldry

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  • And finally done!
    These are myKNight of the Realm, not a supergood unit but very traditional :)
    Models are again Fireforge Templar Knights.Most of the pennants and other flappy things came with the unit, three I had to make myself because I ran out of the ones on the sprue.
    The Command Group is lightly converted, otherwise everything is from the box.

    The Glory of Equitaine :)
    15 of the damn things.

    And now for the obligatory heraldic shitposting (though you'd get away huh? No Chance!)

    The Standard Bearer, the Knight of the Starred Crown. Own the fief of Sigtuna, which according to tradition was once the seat of kings, thus the crown in the arms.

    The Reindeer Knight. The lord of Gällivare. The iron mark and the reindeer on the arms alludes to the traditional industry of the area.

    The Knight of the Fence. The lord of Habo. the arms show a traditional swedish rural agricultural/livestock fence, from which the area takes its name

    The Knight of Hidden Flame, lord of Bjuv. Arms allude to the mining industry and show a mining torch, sunk into a mine shaft.

    The Knight of the Oaken Leaves, lord of Flen. The cross on the arms alud eto the important railway and the oak leaves to the beautiful nature of Flen.

    Knight of the Crown of Horns, lord of Åre. The wedge alludes to a popular skiing mountain and the horns of the moose alludes to the yearly moose hunt, in which a fair number of cows, hunting dogs and sometimes hunters and/or innocent bystanders are shot. And a lot of moose.

    Knight of the Crowned Swan, lord of Ovanåker (pop. 212!). The arms allude to the beautiful swan lakes of the area.

    The Knight of the Mountain Sun, lord of Älvsbyn. Arms show the local river (the blue line under the yellow, rounded mountains), a local mountain (Dog Mountain) and the sun shining down on a mineral wealth of (non-esistant but alluded to in the "Carta Marina") gold.

    His friend, KNight of the Beacon, lord of Huddinge. Arms show a viking-age warning beacon/navigational beacon that is supposed to have given name to the area.

    The Knight of the Harrowed Field. Lord of Färgelanda. Arms are self-explanatory and show the ancient harrowagricultural tool. A love his arms, looks so cool and so very differet from all the rest. Well done, Färgelanda!

    I don't have a fancy name for this guy, lord of Boxholm. The fact that his arms include both a risen goat and a iron mark (often used as a mask of maskulinity in modern times) and the fact that a common euphemism in sweden for a horny person, especially a elder male is "Kåtbock", lit. "Randy Goat" is pretty funny.

    The KNight of Hospitlity, lord of Gislaved. The arms show the traditional signs of an inn, one such of some importance was formerly situated in the area.

    And the last two dudes/dudettes. The one in blue with the crosses cross is the lord of Täby.The cross comes from a viking rune-carved stone in the area.
    Sharing the same theme, but of far older lineage, the lord of Krokom uses a petroglyph river and moose as his arms. Which I think we'll all agree is a very neat idea for a coat of arms. Really like that one.

    And that is that. I have a damsel on foot left to paint, otherwise it's all ID's from her eon out until the end of the month, when I get my salary and can but more kniggits
    I haz a blog!…-the-moment-aslo-batreps/.

    Mostly KoE and ID stuff. Now also some Void

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Comments 9

  • genecleaner -

    Awesome! How about making a lord of Dalarna?! :D

    • Petterwass -

      Indeed why not?
      Will have to be a Lady, though. Both my second Hippogriff Duke and my next Paladin already have arms picked out for them.

      Have just ordered a female pegasi paladin though, that I haven't decided on arms for yet.

    • genecleaner -

      Haha! Sounds really cool! :) Please notify me on this thread when you managed to finish her. Looking forward to see her. Really fun and good-looking theme you came up with.

    • Petterwass -

      It helps with the creativity aspect of it, something I otherwise have lots of problems with.
      Sometimes I get hung up for days on which colour should go where on a model, especially one without a established colour scheme.
      This theme prevents this

      The arrows of Dalarna works quite well with a pegasi anyone, considering how swift they are

    • genecleaner -

      Also: Where did you buy the white flower flock material? And what is the name of the product? Thanks!

    • Petterwass -

      I bought it over 10 years ago and the brand have worn off :D
      But Armypainter sells a product that looks very similar.

  • greentide -

    What a great sight, Thumps up! I like the black knight(of the hidden flame) most,
    but there are so many inspiring models to look at :)