Kadim Titan (ID)

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  • So, I've had a request to get a beter look at the Kadim Titan I used in the batle report and I'm happy to comply :)
    The model itself is a Flame of Adramelech from Werewoolf miniatures and in my opinion it shares the throne with the Infernal Golem from TItan Forge for being the best Kadim Titan model available.
    The Summoner is just a FW ID hero model because I had one over.

    The beard made of chains and burning skulls is a nice touch, real homely.
    I like the burning eyebrows as well, really looks like a fire deamon summoned into a frame, built in the shape of a dwarf.

    The stance is also really niece; looming very large and ready to deliver a double-handed smash to whatever its summoner wishes dead.

    THe SUmmoner also turned out quite well, though I didn'tspend much time on him.
    His staff tends to break each time I take them anywhere, seriously considering replacing the top with a brass skull instead.

    Another nice touch is the iron ladder hanging of the back, in case the summoner wants a better vantage points. It also leads to...

    A cauldron of burning blood. Probably used the summon the entity into the metal body.
    It gives the very awesome visual of the summoner standig on this slate before the cauldron and doing his dark rites and the KAdi Titan rising up underneath him :)

    THe original plan was to have the sorceror stand here on the shoulder of the Titan but it turne out that the arms of the Titan are juuuust too low to accomodate any dwarf-sized model, so he hadto go on the base instead, commanding the Titan onward to destruction.

    The titan has been really good in every game I've played, both in 8th Ed and 9th Age. Changing him for a INfernal Engine in my next game will feel very awkward.
    But I'm up against Ogres, which would mean high S attacks everywhere and no good targets to Stomp on. C'est a v'ie. Time to try out the Murdertrain instead.

    I haz a blog! the-ninth-age.com/blog/index.p…-the-moment-aslo-batreps/.

    Mostly KoE and ID stuff. Now also some Void

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Comments 10

  • tommytucker -

    Thank you very much, the model is excellent and a real credit to you. I have seen the model bare, but never painted up to such a high standard.

  • WAARGHammer -

    please tell me you plan on making a thomas the train demon engine...because I will shed tears of joy to see that.

    • Petterwass -

      Sadly no, it's going to be a normal FW Skullcracker Infernal Engine (I have the shotting variant already, gonna try it out soon).
      Doing a scratchbuilt/Modded Thomas would be waaaaay out of my league. I'd actually have to learn how to sculpt then! :)

    • Petterwass -

      Though it would make for an interesting project.
      Would need a lot of plasticard and learn to sculp better first.

    • WAARGHammer -

      You could always go to your local Michaels or kids store and find one, then just throw a little green stuff on it. I might actually try my hand at this and make it a contest for people to win haha

    • Petterwass -

      I'm actually seriously considering it for a long term project :)
      Just need to find one in the right size, which might be tricky because I don't think that show ever caught on around here

    • WAARGHammer -

      eBay is a good place to start. What's the base size of a demon engine? 100x150?