XP 121 - First look at OnG with Joe Getsi!

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  • Hello, Hello, Hello, Andrew is back today with long time friend of the show Joe Getsi! Those who remember past casts would remember Joe as the Giant Loving, Spider Loving, Crazy Converting, Fluff Gamer. Now a days Joe has changed to a competitive gamer and has actually been wrecking face for the last 9 months.

    Joe and Andrew don't do a full review, rather they do a high level of the OnG 1.0 release - only covering some favorites and disappointments. This will start a series of Xtra Points Episodes where Andrew will be covering rules and highlights from all the 1.0 books, while the Prime Casts take care of full book/army reviews.

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    Ohiohammer Xtra Points - Episode 121!
    Andrew Sherman
    Ohiohammer Network of Podcasts
    "Thank god for editing!"
    Oh-Con (Miniature Wargaming Convention)

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  • Shlagrabak -

    Interesting discussions. I can see a step forward with the GGI in giving it Stubborn. It doesn't feel OP to me (as it' still has low A and "only" AS4+) and gives it a good chance to stick in combat to fulfill its role.

    Just one thing I wanted to correct:
    a) The orc shaman using Monstrous Transformation only changes his statline, not the chariot model part. It has the focused character spell type.
    b) You don't use the highest strength value but the strength of the model part that does the attack.
    c) The chariot model part does the impact hits.
    So you can't increase the impact hits strength with that spell (but you can do so by using the signature spell instead).