Episode 20 - Thunderload

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Comments 5

  • StoffenDK -

    You dont get monstrous support just because you have monstrous ranks n00bs! ;) <3

    • Gelmarus -

      i guess I stand corrected then haha

    • StoffenDK -

      I also tried rushing the KoE deathstar at the EoS gunline (technically its a magicline I guess).

      Have you seen the ending of "The Last Samurai"? :D
      #Controlled & countercharged

  • Kpl.blutch -

    If you guys come to Copenhagen saturday, you have an open invitation to drop by for a beer and a game or two in the basement, Gammeltoftsgade 4 :)


  • tommytucker -

    Yes! The looming week of despondent drudgery shall be brightened by Jack and Alex cuming in my earholes!