Great Green Idol (My First Miniature)

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  • Well, I did it (cue some overactive from Charleton Heston here). I finally sculpted my first miniature entirely for The Ninth Age. I've sculpted models before, but they've been just for my personal use and they've been rife with GW IP. But this one is a full up sculpt for T9A, built to be cast in resin. It's going to be a 10-piece resin kit for the Great Green Idol.
    The head is my favorite part: a giant open mouth with logs thrown in to stoke towering gouts of flame, and giant tusks jutting out the sides. He is suitably Orcy. It will be supplied on a 100x100mm base, with banner poles and plasticard to hang them if you want to make him your BsB.

    Here are some pics of the almost-complete prototype. I'll be heading to the casting shop tomorrow to work with our resident wizards to make sure we get the best quality mold and resin we can find. I plan on this being the first in a line of minis catering specifically to T9A, focusing mainly on units that don't have a lot of good alternatives readily available (so... Undying Dynasties is probably gonna get some love soon).
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