Knights of the Quest II (also heraldry wankery)

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  • The standard flies the colours of Knivsta, which is a pretty boring place, but at least it has a really cute 14th century church.

    The knights of Klippan (The Cliff) blows the charge. His horse is probably pretty strong from running up and down the large hill that gives the town its name.
    I was actually surprised how well the arms of Klippan translated to the knight, it's quite striking.

    The unit champion hails from Lindesberg which until' 2007 held an annual punk festival. Sadly no more.
    I quite like how he turned out, will probably stand in for a Questing character, should I need one.

    Also quite happy with the knight of Malå which has a very nice set of arms. It's quite the tiny town but still manages to hold a annual winter festival.

    Another pretty nice one. The arms of Kungsör are very pretty but quite striking.
    The town has long been a favorite place of several of our royalties; Karl IIX killed his first bear in the area, thus the crown on the arms.

    The knight of Köping, a city mostly known for the excellent tv-series I en annan del av Köping (In another part of Köping) which respectfully follows the lives of 4 mentally handicapped persons in Köping.

    The knight of Ljusnarsberg which has a very striking arms which I sadly totally failed to do justice.
    Probably the worst knight of the set.

    The knights of Laxå (Salmon River) which strangely doesn't have a salmon in the arms.
    It is reportedly Sweden's poored municipality and the only one in the nation with net debt.

    The knight of Ockelbo which is probably the coolest arms in the unit.
    Sadly I was unable to do the absolutely insane divide on the arms properly.'

    Just look at this insanity! No way I could paint that beauty in 28mm!
    The divide is made up of Fir branches and is unique, all other Fir divides beeing the tops of the tree instead, like this

    But Ockelbo has a really cool arms and even inspired the arms of HRH Daniel Westling, the husband of the swedish heir apparent, Crown Princess Victoria.

    One can see the Ockelbo-inspired arms in the middle of Daniel's Coat of arms

    So I think that's really cool
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  • TableTopBanter - Harry -

    So these are the guys you were painting during our stream I am guessing? Absolutely fantastic! Always love a bit of history brought to the fantasy world ;)

    • Petterwass -

      Indeed they are!
      I was painting the last three ones during the stream.

      And thank you very much!

  • Scylla -

    Really nice painting and references. Thanks for this little trip through Sweden and keep up the good work!

    • Petterwass -

      Many thanks for such kind words!
      It's basically a way for me to ensure that I never repeat patterns and never get a creative block trying to think up new patterns... because someone else has already done it for me!

  • Blonde Beer -

    Looking good mate!