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Method to discern which Daemonic Legions unit is which for non-DL players Word Doc

Using the little required T9A visual identification, document attempts to narrow down what Daemonic Legion units are based on what is required for DL to show on the model or in how they deploy or move.
0 +2 39

Daemonic Manifestations Simplified for non-Daemonic Legions Players Word Doc

Cheat Sheet/Summary of DL Daemonic Manifestations. Doesn't replace reading the armybook for DL players, but for players that need only a general idea what their opponent's DL army this is a handy tool.
0 91

Guerrieri degli Dei oscuri - anteprima LAB 2020.0

Ho percorso il Cammino, affrontato ogni sfida, ho imposto la mia volontà e ora sto di fronte ai miserabili schiavi di una mandria inferiore chiamata civiltà.
0 52

Elfi Silvani 2020

“Risuonino i corni, pronti a colpire!”
0 +1 187

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The 9th Scroll - Issue 22 1.0.0

July 2020 edition of The 9th Scroll
0 8,146

Slim Layout Internal - DH 2ed_2020_EN2 release

WIP version of the LaTeX DH Book, used for Lectoring and internal sharing.
0 186

Magie avancée 2ed_beta1_FR1

Un Excellentissyme Grimoire des Plus Grands Mystères
0 88

Åsklanders 2ed_2020_DE1

Barbaren, Barbaren und nochmal Barbaren und Wikinger.
0 66

Advanced Magic cards - greyscale beta 2

Greyscale spell cards for the Advanced Magics supplement
0 197

Advanced Magic cards - colored beta 2

Colored spell cards for the Advanced Magics supplement
0 312

Das Hintergrundbuch der dämonischen Legionen 1.0.1

Das Hintergrundbuch der dämonischen Legionen
0 54

Das Kibotesh-Epos 1.0.0

Sagen, Legenden und Überlieferungen aus der Frühzeit der Infernalischen Zwerge.
0 35

Universally Baffled Tourney Pack 1.0.0

Universally Baffled UK Tournament Pack
0 117

KoE Airborne Gallantry 1.0.0

Icon for KoE Airborne Gallantry
2 24

Tunnel Gunners icon 1.0.0

Tunnel Gunner icon
2 20

HE Naval Ordnance 1.0.0

Naval Ordnance
2 17

DL Aves 1.0.0

2 15

Advanced Magics; A Most Excellent Grimoire of the Greater Mysteries beta2

Advanced Magics is a Supplement intended to add depth and variety to the magical aspect of The 9th Age: Fantasy Battles.
0 +3 3,409

PR pic 1.0.0

For PR use
0 2,125

The Epic of Kibotesh 1.0.0

A wondrous literary finding from ancient dwarven civilisation
0 +7 877