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The brand new army book for Infernal Dwarves is finally available, along with a small surprise! Remember that it is a beta version, and provide us your feedback!


Title Comments Likes Downloads Last Change

Advanced Magics; A Most Excellent Grimoire of the Greater Mysteries beta 1

Advanced Magics is a Supplement intended to add depth and variety to the magical aspect of The 9th Age: Fantasy Battles.
0 +3 1,824

Map Pack 4.0

This book contains 16 maps (terrain placement) for T9A: fantasy battles, including some the option for using the new Terrain Features from the Lands of the 9th Age book.
0 +4 13,841

Lands of the 9th Age 1.0

This terrain supplement is intended to add depth to standard games and additional opportunities for narrative play.
0 2,750

All rules in one document 2020_EN1

All main rules combined into one big document
0 +1 17,919

T9A-FB_errata_2-0-0_EN 7

1 +1 5,268

Makhar 2020 - Dec 26 2019

Supplementary Army Book: MAKHAR
1 +3 6,497

Slim Armybook: Daemon Legions 0.205.2

Slim Armybook: Daemon Legions
0 22,255

ETC 2018 - Tournament-Pack - T9A 1.0.0

ETC 2018 - Tournament-Pack - T9A.pdf
0 139

The 9th Age: Fantasy Battles: Errata 0.204.2 EN3

0 +4 1,495

Paths of Magic full book 1.3.1

Path of Magic, fully coloured including background
1 +11 180,413