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Title Comments Likes Downloads Last Change

9시대 규칙서 합본 1.3.4_13

Korean Translation Package of T9A Rules
6 534

FAQ 및 에라타 1.3.4_9

Korean Translation of Errata
0 344

Korean Magic Cards, colored 1.3.4_KO0.1

PDF containing magic cards for Battle Magic, in colored version. Korean language.
0 663

Korean Magic Cards, greyscale 1.3.4_KO0.1

PDF containing magic cards for Battle Magic, in greyscale version. Korean language.
0 577

Promotion poster in Korean 1.0.0

poster in Korean
0 96

공포 요정 1.3.4_2

Korean Translation of Dread Elves Slim Army Book
0 619

기본 규칙서 1.3.4_5

Korean Translation of Rulebook
0 2,030

난쟁이 성채 1.3.4_1

Korean Translation of Dwarven Holds Slim Army Book
0 614

마법의 앞길 1.3.4_1

Korean Translation of Paths of Magic
0 561

명문 요정 1.3.4_1

Korean Translation of Highborn Elves Slim Army Book
0 419

불사 왕조 1.3.4_2

Korean Translation of Undying Dynasties Slim Army Book
0 465

불지옥 난쟁이 1.3.4_3

Korean Translation of Infernal Dwarves Slim Army Book
0 467

사우르 고대종 1.3.4_1

Korean Translation of Saurian Ancients Slim Army Book
0 429

손슈탈 제국 1.3.4_3

Korean Translation of Empire of Sonnstahl Slim Army Book
0 752

수림 요정 1.3.4

Korean Translation of Sylvan Elves Slim Army Book
0 252

시궁쥐 떼거리 1.3.4_3

Korean Translation of The Vermin Swarm Slim Army Book
0 610

악마 군세 1.3.4_1

Korean Translation of Daemon Legions Slim Army Book
0 367

야수 무리 1.3.4

Korean Translation of Beast Herds Slim Army Book
0 347

어둠의 신들의 전사 1.3.4_1

Korean Translation of Warriors of the Dark Gods Slim Army Book
0 448

에키텐 왕국 1.3.4_3

Korean translation of Kingdom of Equitaine Slim Army Book
0 481