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16 brand new maps for T9A including some exiting new Terrain Features from the Terrain Supplement "Lands of the 9th Age".

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License Agreement
The 9th Age License
The following 16 maps are meant to be used for games with either randomised or predefined Deployment Types.

If you use predefined deployment for your games, the following maps should be used with the mentioned Deployment Type:
Map 1 - Frontline Clash
Map 2 - Frontline Clash
Map 3 - Frontline Clash
Map 4 - Counterthrust
Map 5 - Marching Columns
Map 6 - Refused Flank
Map 7 - Encircle
Map 8 - Dawn Assault
Map 9 - Frontline Clash
Map 10 - Frontline Clash
Map 11 - Frontline Clash
Map 12 - Counterthrust
Map 13 - Marching Columns
Map 14 - Refused Flank
Map 15 - Encircle
Map 16 - Dawn Assault

For team tournaments we recommend to use the following maps:
3-player teams: Map 1-3
5-player teams: Map 4-8
8-player teams: Map 9-16

All 16 maps Terrain Features from the Terrain Supplement “Lands of The 9 th Age”. In addition to the generic Terrain Features found in the Rulebook these extra Terrain Features are:
Walls -> Tall Wall, Corral of Wagons
Hills -> Mountain of Slaughter, Burial Mound
Ruins -> Beast Lair, Smouldering Outpost
Impassable Terrain -> Monolith, Massive Insect Mound
Forests -> Brushwood, Jungle
Fields -> Meadow
Water Terrain -> Cleansing Water, Oil Slick

We recommend using these Terrain
Features as described in the “Lands of The 9 th Age”. Players and
tournamentorganiers can of course decide to use the corresponding
generic Terrain
Features from the Rulebook. The design of the maps ensures there will
not be any significant loss in gaming experience in either case. The Terrain Features from the Terrain Supplement are marked with a red frame and their corresponding name in red letters on each map.
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