Khuralshki Dwarf

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Khuralshki Dwarves

Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to go weird! To the hilt.

As you can see here, the first Chaos Dwarf concepts of the 1980s had a distinctly twisted bend, and this style has been followed up by many different miniature manufacturers who have all given their very own interpretation of this evil Dwarf aesthetic, first pioneered by Citadel Miniatures.

This style is only loosely based on historical armour suits and weapons, and is not founded on any particular culture. This won't do for the Ninth Age, and so here is a proposal from me: But much more from Uther the unhinged over on Chaos Dwarfs Online, who is a true fantasy visionary that can imagine whole bizarre armies filled with strange units at sweeping pace, and moreover have the writing skills to describe them in a thrilling manner. We both would like to see Oldhammer style Infernal Dwarves given a place of their own in the rich Ninth Age setting, and so we have gripped a crowbar to get one in on the map, in the hopes that T9A background developers picks up on it.

The basic concept is one of a tragic post-apocalyptic landscape in the heart of the Wasteland, and of a mountain range that has been all but forgotten it existed by other races than Dwarves. The historical basis is loosely that of Udmurts and the Chuvash people of the Urals, and of Russia in general, though truly Dwarven in possessing full plate armour and other technologies. I will let Uther describe the strangeness.

Please share your thoughts, ideas and criticism for this corrupted Dwarf proposal! We'd love to hear it.

I have neither time nor intention of turning this into a Homebrew army book, though others are of course more than welcome to do so! :)

And now, get thinkin', and get thinkin' in weird ways...


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Comments 4

  • Ghiznuk -

    Interestingly, the Chuvash are the only Turkic group to have converted to Christianity (it was part of the deal with Ivan « Grozny » IV, who freed them from the Tatar yoke.

    • Karak Norn Clansman -

      Intriguing! Thanks for that info.

      They don't happen to live north of the vodka-hashish line as well? :P

    • Ghiznuk -

      But you know that the Chuvash are the descendants of the Volga Bolgar empire – Bolgar was one of the world's biggest cities during the Dark Ages, it was razed by the Tatars who then built Kazan a little bit further.

  • Ghiznuk -

    My ex-wife is Chuvash.
    Also Attila in the game Civilization V speaks (reportedly very bad) Chuvash.