Death by Monster by Fredrik Eriksson

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Artwork by Fredrik Eriksson, being a donation for the Ninth Age. Permission to use it can be found here (the rest of the conversation, detailing which artworks are fair game, continued in private messages).This artist has a deft hand at capturing striking realism in his art, and is as skilled with colour as in black and white.

Fredrik Eriksson wrote:

And yes I am interested! I always draw and I love fantasy. And if this could help spreading my art and lead to more jobs so absolutely

Do check out his Deviantart gallery and leave him a comment! :)

Comments 2

  • Ghiznuk -

    Why does every one of your artist descriptions contain the phrase « deft hand » XD

    • Karak Norn Clansman -

      Because they have! :)

      As someone who have dabbled with art my whole life, I've got an easy time spotting what others are particularly good at. There are lots of areas to master with drawing and painting, and I'm only an amateur although I've got a grasp of a few areas. Doing it yourself makes you spot others' strong sides and skills all the easier.

      Plus it's become a personal catchphrase of mine. And there might be copy-paste formulas at work here, hehe.