WDG thingie guy

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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

First guy of my maybe forsworn, maybe chosen, maybe unit filler, who knows

More infos soon in my blog here, in this same forum:
For Dice We Must!

Comments 4

  • Lunarxa -

    How can I shift to this incredible light work level?
    Any recommendation of tutorials?

  • Casas -

    Well, the only green is the turquoise of the helmet, the rest is blue with red in shadows

    And well, I will just use them as multipurpose unit, so they could also fit as fallen, although I may have problems to fit them together in 25 mm bases.

    In anyway, thanks for sharing ;).... If you could also link to here and/or Instagram (@fordyewemust :P)

  • Ghiznuk -

    Small size for a Forsworn, but good for a Fallen.
    Though he doesn't really look like a Path of Exile model ;)
    Really nice painting, I love it ! Especially the horns !!

    • Ghiznuk -

      Actually, thinking about it, I think he is a Warrior of Kuulima (because of the colour green), but not a Chosen, as Chosen should already start being equipped with a wide range of random equipment taken from their enemies.
      But I just love how beautiful it is, so I reposted it on the French FB page. :)