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  • Smythen -

    Liked Phaeoron’s post in the thread The 9th AGE - Meme Thread.

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    A bit naughté... Avert thine gaze! (Hidden Content)
  • JimMorr -

    Liked jirga’s post in the thread VS LAB Mechanics Phase Update 1.

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    I think dropfleet commander has nice mechanics.
  • WastelandWarrior -

    Replied to the thread Kdown's Chronolog.

    Oh yeah, zombies reaching through the bars sounds really cool!
  • WastelandWarrior -

    Liked Kdownunder’s post in the thread Kdown's Chronolog.

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    Even how dumb it feels I put it inside the gage this time and try to do some red'ish glow effect to the holes of the gage. I still have second one to work with so lets see if I have patience to make it different (I have plenty of mantic zombies maybe put…
  • Herminard -

    Replied to the thread Age of Single models?.

    Quote from Eastern Gate: “Quote from Herminard: “ RE: 2. Taking _away_ core? I have taken armies with over 85% core to international events, Ser. Your assumption that I am out to eradicate core seem a touch misplaced. Let us assume you right...…
  • Shukran -

    Replied to the thread Cinco WDG lists.

    Quote from jirga: “If FDE price would go up 50pts for example would it be unplayable then? Players would need to squeeze 100pts out of their lists in order to get double fde on the field but it's performance would still be the same. Looking at the…
  • marcema -

    Replied to the thread new ideas for SA rules LAB.

    Sometimes you therefore see awaken the beast on the apprentice and a skink bsb with rending banner and essence in the unit. For this reason i prefer myself an alchemy cuatl and shamanism priest. Either you can combine it with awaken the beast for s5…
  • berti -

    Replied to the thread Immortals Beta 2 LAB Questionnaire.

    From the comparison with other units, the immortals seem to be fine on the defensive part and also on their output. Price is a bit to high. I also think that the old slim book rule was a realy good rule for the unit. Be only wounded on 4 from…