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  • jirga -

    Liked Mortus’s post in the thread Tournaments.

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    slight bump here: Is it possible to get that "tournament play" line removed yet? =)
  • Promet -

    Liked Kdownunder’s post in the thread Kdown's Chronolog.

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    With these coaches it's first time I am painting chariots that I am not feeling the pain of painting chariots. Was tempted to publish spoiler but decided that I'll paint both of them tabletop ready before posting more pictures from them. I am very happy…
  • Nerocrossius -

    Posted the thread Inter-Region EoS Tournament Lists.

    At the upcoming French Inter-Region Tournament there will be about 320 players, 20 of those will be represented by the Empire! A perfect 1/16 representation! This is one of the largest tournaments this year so I figured we should explore it some. The…
  • Promet -

    Replied to the thread Mad 'At's Painting League 2020.

    i like Mr. Fancypants. What skirmish System if I may ask?
  • Mr.Owl -

    Liked subspace’s post in the thread T9A project status.

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    I guess I must have gotten about 150 games under my belt since I started T9A two years ago. From a gameplay perspective the idea, that T9A as a game somehow needs to be "finished", has never orccured to me as quite frankly it is already in a more refined…
  • Eldan -

    Liked Ghiznuk’s post in the thread The 9th AGE - Meme Thread.

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    You mean like this guy ? 340 (RIP Roger Carel)
  • MrPieChee -

    Liked Little Joe’s post in the thread Models for the Vampire Covenant.

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    TTCombat announced these for Friday: Skeleton-Swords-Background.jpg Wraith-Lord-Background.jpg Pony-Riders-Background.jpg There are also Halfling undead archers. And from Archon Games (Prodos): skeletor-on-panthor.jpg
  • Dopey -

    Replied to the thread Discussion and feedback - advanced magic.

    Has anyone developed an opinion on the Archwizard rule? I’m going to borrow a DL army to give it a spin with this supplement.
  • Promet -

    Replied to the thread goodbyekiss Painting League 2020.

    excellent! The birds look regal, the pony looks drunk. Well done. Im toying with the idea of painting some DH myself. The cart was part of a mission in the Starterkit rulebook, Bugmans beer I remember correctly and you had to escort it. Everybody…
  • Villon -

    Liked the image help T9A become a star!.

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    help T9A become a star!
  • Mortus -

    Replied to the thread Tournaments.

    slight bump here: Is it possible to get that "tournament play" line removed yet? =)
  • unsane -

    Replied to the thread Autumn Assault 2020 - UK & Ireland ranked singles UB event - 2nd Nov-6th Dec.

    Quote from Dain_II: “Trying to work out deployment and Secondary's for each of these badass tailored maps! Kudos to whoever designed. I can work some of the objectives from the dropped markers but some I've no idea. Is this info being kept underwraps…
  • vvalor -

    Replied to the thread Getting outpaced.

    Well, all this bantering is fine, yet when you play the game with a focus on tournament, you cannot really tailor your list to be a specific counter to one army (specially sylvan elves The focus was not on beating a specific army nor a specific…