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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Quote from Hexed: “I don’t mind helping out. Is it freely editable? Or are permissions needed? Or do you want a list of mistakes found? ” A great many thanks in advance. It is freely editable. All libraries are, for most it will need a mod check for changes to become active, that is the only difference. Preferably a list, because that is the information I need. Changes are good, knowing the changes as well is better. I can PM you my watchlist so you don't start from scratch.

  • Small O&G library progress, real updates are a bit out unless someone wants to volunteer for a full O&G update. Trolls got an update, I excluded "chaos trolls" so far, and they should reasonably fit a 40mm base. Have a look, let me know if you know of more trolls.

  • Models for the Ogre Khans

    Little Joe - - Ogre Khans (OK)


    OgreButcherProduct2_copy_1024x1024.png TTCombat Ogre Butcher, will add it later on.

  • Quote from Skarloc: “…0dd701df64c64aa65b31438a0 ” What is it?

  • Looking forward to the Technicolor rainbow. With static grass they add the red and yellow fibres on purpose. Our minds are wired to blend out most of what we see. That is why we add colors and textures to our bases. Break the surface and make it "interesting" . In your case, this is the perfect camouflage.

  • @Warchariot: Sure, all that matters is that they fit. Seems TTCombat got an apatite after their Halfling Kickstarter.

  • Quote from Remy77077: “Quote from Little Joe: “With the news of today on the AoS updates on savage orcs and ogres, I doubt they will come back at all. ” What's this news? ” (Hidden Content) Source All orcs still sold by GW in one book now, the goblins have been united in a book a few months back. The whole GW O&G line is covered now by 2 books. Anything not in those books has been purged.

  • Quote from setepenmentou: “Those concepts are really beautiful and looking at the tomb queen mini, the models shall be really good QueenProduct_copy_1024x1024.png ” Looks a bit fresh. I wish TTCombat would put more effort in the games they saved (Relics). This is an interesting development, I wonder what game they make it for, don't like the round bases.

  • IXH5KS8.jpg I present the MK2 seen from above if the mapping is easy enough. Low poly hill is done, time to sleep. If anyone wants me to blabber in more detail, let me know.

  • Models for the Ogre Khans

    Little Joe - - Ogre Khans (OK)


    Hello fans of the Ogre Khans, I am looking for a volunteer to become librarian for the Ogre Khans. It's a public function, no tag or pressure. So what does a librarian do? A librarian: 1. is the library team's sage and final word on miniature question, an adviser. 2. gets a say on future update ideas, tasks and anything that concerns library. No voting rights, we will have a council so we can do decisions fast. But your voice will be heard. 3. is active in this thread, helping to identify intere…

  • Swimming lessons?

  • Quote from Logaroth: “Quote from Litoperez: “I will join the camping too, with EoS of course. I dont know i could play in september but i will surely help with some models and some terrain features, maybe even some skirmish-mordheim games too... ” The same boat, I want to join with bloody Vampires Let the undead conquest the world!!! We have patience!! ” Every vampire starts alive ... Have yours meet a someone interesting in Avras they want to turn and prepare him for a severe change in life.

  • Hi all, I need a bit of help. Sometimes a second viewing is needed. The List of Miniature Companies now has 204 companies and a few will probably no longer exist. Someone else verifying all the links would be nice, anyone volunteering for the task? There is also good news, the WDG libraries are almost at a new baseline, we will add the auxiliary armies soon.

  • Glonojad's Bretonnians and Co.

    Little Joe - - User Blogs


    Hope you don't just think you had fun.

  • Quote from Gingersmali: “not sure when this happened but GW not longer sell any common orc/goblins models sad times ” It happened very early this year when they had the sale on old hero sculpt with made to order for O&G. I am afraid they got purged. With the news of today on the AoS updates on savage orcs and ogres, I doubt they will come back at all.

  • Models for the Ogre Khans

    Little Joe - - Ogre Khans (OK)


    Quote from JimMorr: “"Start collecting" incoming? ” Usually not until a year after the release. Sometimes relatively close a 2 army box. Quote from Skarloc: “…0dd701df64c64aa65b31438a0 ” Looks good, maybe a bit huge because after 40mm comes 60mm for bases at GW. But I generally like him.

  • You asked simple, not pretty. First test looks good, time to make a new one with some improvements tomorrow. Get the method right and then make a starter set.

  • Quote from Ghiznuk: “OK, so, as promised : What I didn't understand in the Water Feature workshop (NS14). – greenstuff gel (medium) –> what do you mean by « medium » ? – I did not want to cut into the edge, so I needed to drill holes –> what ? why ? what edge ? what are the holes for ? – clamping wood and plexiglas –> does that mean that from now on they're glued together ? or not yet ? oooooh okayyy I only now understood that the plexiglas is in the inside of the wood ! so i remove from the woo…

  • I have been way too lazy posting here. Finishing the WDG library initial clean up as we speak. Although that is no excuse. I have this fixed vision in my head I want to see in 3D on the tabletop. I also want to make it digitally and I am getting close to where I want to be. Even that got some distraction after getting a request to give very basic terrain for a video game version a go. It took me 1 hour to make the basics I need, then I spend a lot of last week trying to figure out how to go from…

  • Looking GOOD.