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  • Tarskin

    Thrymfjord - - Daemon Legions (DL)


    I'm pretty certain nobody chooses. The Attack Value of the Taurosaur profile goes down from 4 to 3. The Attack Value of the Skink Crew can't go down, because it's already at 1. So Taurosaur gets 3 attacks, each skink gets one (for a total of five skink attacks and 3 monster attacks).

  • Lots of cool stuff here! I noticed that none of the Throne of the Oracle-options really match the "throne carried by servants"-concept in figure 3. I looked around, and while I couldn't find a daemonic one, there's an undead one that might work at Warmonger Miniatures (it seems that the Skeleton King isn't stuck to the throne, and could be swapped for something):…eleton-king-on-war-throne UND024_1024x1024_81e17c7d-3221-41bd-a856-178db3c2bc4a_1024x1024.jpeg In the C…

  • Maybe this for Throne of the Oracle?…-warlock-khador-warcaster 76006_zevanna_agha_the_fate_web.jpg It's on a 120mm round base, but looks as if it might fit on 50x100. Not throney enough? Also, this could be an Omen on foot: 32031_TheHarbingerofMenoth_WEB.jpg (Divine Right, allright )

  • According to p59 Scourges "prefer to mould lesser creatures of the Immortal Realm into shapes resembling weapons of the mortals". In the story the Scourge's scimitars required a separate human sacrifice to summon. Somewhat similarily it says about sirens (p36) "their weapons alive, turning and cutting in ways no mortal blade could move." Myrmidons have "extensions of their own limbs that mimic iron weaponry" It seems to me that Daemons have weapons, but that these are (often? always?) non-mundan…

  • Quote from squalie_SK: “I'm curious as to why the Scourge has agility 0? Nothing in the fluff or description implies why it's so slow - at least justify that number by giving it a Great Weapon? At least if it had a GW, people would say "Ah - got it". ” I interpreted it as reflecting the punishment/revenge aspect of Vanadra. Especially when combined with the giant rule.

  • Hooray for cool book! There's so much great artwork (like the one on p6, what is that?) and lots of cool stories (like the one with the Sloth Sorcerer inviting the wannabe cultist for tea smile.png )! Question: Why are the succubi called succubi? I mean, they aren't any more connected (lore-wise or mechanically) to Cibaresh/Lust then to other Gods/Sins, right? Speaking of names, I feel that "Myrmidons" and "Lemures" make good sense as names now that we can see the lore.

  • Also subscribe.

  • I might have to figure out how Indiegogo works, then. It's not too different from kickstarter, I'd assume?

  • How about these for Hoarders/other 40x40 stuff:…roducts/the-tree-warriors They're called trees, but they look like they could be Daemons too. Also, multi-part for more poses. Manchon-Treewarriors-front.jpg

  • Circling the Abyss

    Thrymfjord - - Background & Stories


    I really liked this text. And especially the style of it - the language, layout and art. Great job, and now I'm looking forward to the FAB with even more exitement About the soul thing: Now I'm imagining that many (but far from all) Warriors mistakenly believe their soul would be insta-consumed on death, even if no such thing was explicitly promised. Some nasty surprises possible there.

  • Runecarver Runescribe

  • Assassins - How?

    Thrymfjord - - Homebrew 9th Age


    Maybe something like the 8th ed/AoS rule, but without hidden info or secret lists: Somewhere in the ranks: You may choose not to deploy this model during deployment. At the beginning of each close combat phase, if this model is not deployed, you may deploy it in any friendly unit consisting of 10 or more infantry models.

  • Cibaresh Daemons

    Thrymfjord - - Painting league 2017


    Thanks a lot! So the Cibaresh Herald (if it is indeed the Heralds, and not the GDs that are described) is a tall or high-flying ("his trembling height was a blur") golden daemon with scythe-claws. What about some sort of non-metallic golden hue, washed with metallic gold? Maybe with a gloss varnish?

  • Cibaresh Daemons

    Thrymfjord - - Painting league 2017


    I've seen these ones, but I don't know if it's the same for the Daemons. The OP seems to imply there is lore support for gold and brass Cibaresh somewhere (unless it's just a Cibaresh/Sugulag mixup?). Edit: I mean,if we stick with the WDG scheme, the chameleon paint looks awesome for Sugulag Daemons

  • Cibaresh Daemons

    Thrymfjord - - Painting league 2017


    I didn't know they had dropped the color scheme for Daemons. Where did you find it? Both of your ideas sound like they could look good. The second one sounds most Cibaresh (by my gut feeling, that is. I haven't seen the official lore on it).

  • Ambush can be a way to represent hidden units. They are nowhere but could show up anywhere.

  • Vanguard, I guess? Maybe not enough. The Iconoclasts are really cool, name and rules go well together.

  • I was thinking the Cult would recruit from the dregs of society, and sort of imagined Footpads as just that (with the Gutter Blades being the "proper" skirmishers). But if they're too Sicarian in your fluff it might not work.

  • Ideas for Plague Cult: - Some unit with Devastating Charge (Unbreakable). Brave when pumped up on fanatical fury, quickly turn to cowards afterwards. - A reworked Magister-less Doom Bell. - An upgrade to Brethren/Initiates that lets them (try to) inflict a permanent "diseased" status on enemy units in base contact. Possibly a choise of different diseases. - Repentant Footpats who have abandoned their petty crimes to join the Cult. - Special Rule that removes (or at least raises) the +3 rank bonu…

  • EoS and KoE have to be kept as different army books to account for existing model collections. But if further factions (other than just auxillaries) are to be added to the rules, I would want them to be more distinctly unique. More versions of historical european armies seem a bit redundant somehow. I'd rather go for merfolk or bird-people or something, and let Destria, Thrymland, Arcalea etc be represented in aux, list-building, and homebrew. The ideas in this thread suggest there can be some p…