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  • Tir Silverquill, Runescribe* In my time in Hammerhold I find myself deeply indebted to a number of fine dwarves, without whose kindness and patience my scholary mission would have undoubtedly floundered and died before it bore any form of fruit, no matter how strange. Apart from Queen Hephaestia herself, I have one single dwarf to thank the most; Tir Silverquill. VLxx25T.jpg A warrior by trade, he was forcibly retired at a young age when a orc's scimitar cut the tendons in his left leg, leaving …

  • That said, they have some callbacks to Chaos Dwarves in their fluff, but yeah, they are not. They are also not slayers. They're Fyreslayers, which is another thing. They're fire-obsessed followers of a dead god, working towards his resurrection, not remorse-filled shamed berserkers.

  • Quote from Karak Norn Clansman: “Deadline has been changed to 10th of April. Please spread the word among the crypts, tag those who may be interested, and make the most of the extra days. We want to see your Undead hosts! More entries, if you please. @Mad 'At I'm sure I saw some VC of yours slaughter my minions and win best painted prizes. Dig 'em up! @Petterwass got bones? @dan How fares your Undead? @Henrypmiller time to reap some glory for your Karlstein host. The Covenant Calls. ” I haven't …

  • Quote from Stygian: “Since we were just talking about hippos.. turns out I finished my hippo duke today. @Petterwass hooked me up with the badass helmet like 2 years ago lol. Thanks again btw. Heres how he turned out if anyone is interested.. ” Glad it finally came to use Looks good

  • Paint the big cat-girls as marble and you got some nice Ushabti dedicated to Bast

  • Models for the Beast Herds

    Petterwass - - Beast Herds (BH)


    Quote from bk5b: “Can someone please write me "name comparison" with current armybook names next to old gw ones. Thanks ” Beast Lord - Beastlord Beast Chieftain - Wargor Soothsayer - Bray-Shaman Minotaur Warlord - Doombull Minotaur Chieftain - Gorebull Centaur Chieftain -N/A Wildhorn - Gor Mongrel - Ungor Feral Hounds - Chaos Warhounds Longhorn - Bestigor Minotaur - Minotaur Centaur - Centigor Raiding Chariot - Tuskgor Chariot Razortusk - Razorgor Briar Beast _ Chaos Spawn (imperfect match) Garg…

  • Of Dwarves and Runes One think that caused much confusion among my imperial fellows is the issue of dwarven runes. While many of even my scholary fellows believe that runes share the same social position as enchanted weapons in our own impoverished society; rare and powerful and seldom seen. But nothing could be further form the truth! In truth runecraft is omnipresent in dwarven society with most craftsdwarves and warriors possessing the knowledge and skill to craft a few common rules, much lik…

  • Quote from Glonojad: “A bear mounted cannon? ” Of course!

  • Dwarven Artillery and Engineers 33149385_10214350725455545_2453452982113533952_n.jpg My noble patrons have made no pretense that one of the main reasons for their sponsorship of myself is to try and ferret out the secrets behind the devastating dwarven warmachines that have devastated so many imperial battleline in the last war. While far from as deadly as the tales once tell that is was, dwarven metalcrafting is a highly accomplished art and their warmachines are no less expertly crafted than a…

  • Mukumbusu Giant Apes army

    Petterwass - - New army books


    Is there a really compelling reason why the apes cannot have shamen or godtalkers of their own?

  • Quote from Happy Aspid: “If It is not flying, lets say it is jumping on bumpy road. Like Gnasher riders (who have fly by the way). ” That's my justification for my giant Goat-Mecha as well