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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Thanks to all of you for your interest, we have decided to remain on team of 4 players also this year, in September we will open the payment and the subscription!

  • this for the pink team mixed between Italy and Luxembourg this year

  • Ehi guys, I will start to keep you informed about the date of our international tournament of Milan: 16-17th of November 2019 We are arrived at the third edition, we will change location (still searching for a better one), so we don't know yet the format (4 or 5 people for each team), we will keep informed here and on our Fb pages If you wanna subscribe here your team, it will be usefull for us for have an idea of the numbers, in september there w…

  • Quote from theunwantedbeing: “ Reforms are done all at the same time for each side. ” That is not true: 67358109_396868887620357_6473633630634639360_n.png That is why I am not sure he can do the first reform

  • There are 2 copters engaged with 1 dark raider touching both of them and a unit of 5 accolitys touching the copters on one corner with just one model. The Dark raider can be reformed removing him from touching both copters and putting him on the corner at the end of the cc? Like that in the picture: 67767206_350901815825887_3415523139566698496_n.png Or he has to be in contact with both copters cause the reforms are done separately? Like this: 67285554_391645224810386_5189305290914267136_n.png I …

  • Thank you both guys

  • Quote from Skarloc: “Yep! Official answer from RT here: Overrun : again and again and again ?? ” 2016 post. Rules are changed, maybe you are right, but I want to be sure now

  • It Is possibile overrun more than 1 time during the same turn? Because I dont understand what does mean the wording: 1st round of combat after charging

  • Oh my God! I am in the video and It Is fuc*ing amazing

  • Quote from logick: “Ciao a voi "Quel Team Là", Noi gli cinghiali che ridano « rieurs Sanglier » vogliamo cominciare il nostro week end contro voi. Vogliamo sapere qui d'il cinghiale o del maiale è il più bello! Accettate il challenge? ” Of course! The pink pig is looking for blood (and belgian beer)

  • Omen challenge

    babbonatale- - - Archive


    A champion can issue a Challenge before the Omen or no?

  • binding scroll on 2 spells

    babbonatale- - - Archive


    If on one single model i have 2 times the same spell (i.e. necromancer with necromantic staff+hereditary) and my opponents use his binding scroll on my hereditary, it is blocked for both version (normal one and bound), or he has to choose which one? I think just one, but not sure about "the choosen instance" mean in the wording of binding scroll.

  • Overrun multiple times

    babbonatale- - - Archive


    Shall I overrun more than one time in a Close combat phase? Because I don't understand that: "a unit that fought its first round of combat after charging..." When I overrun the first time a new "first round of combat" starts, so it is possible do overrun again?

  • Ah ok ahahaha grandi! Uno dei tornei più belli per me è l'etc anche se la squadra non ambiva a vincerlo, mi son divertito da matti. Ah per il freddo ci spiace ma come ho spiegato anche sul tilea e sul post qui del torneo, hanno tolto il bando alla ludoteca una settimana prima del torneo e ci siamo ritrovati in braghe di tela all'ultimo purtoppo , idem questione bagni, le altre volte erano tenuti molto meglio, sta volta (credo complice sta storia del bando) se ne son fregati, gliel'abbiamo fatto …

  • Grande Ale, grazie di essere saliti, sappi che l'armata di kabobo era una dell 5 in lizza per il premio pittura e credo forse che non sia stata scelta perchè aveva uno o due modelli non dipinti, ma non vorrei dire fesserie non avendo deciso io quel premio! Complimenti per la voglia e per tutto, alla fine vincere è bello, ma quello che piace di questi tornei è il clima, le amicizie e i legami che si creano che conta davvero. Vi aspettiamo sicuramente l'anno prossimo! P.s. non ho capito solo quest…

  • This evening or Tomorrow we will public them on our facebook Page, you will find them there Quote from Scaramouche: “ Just a thing: please I need photos!!! Can you share with us what you have? Do you have any photos of painting competition winner's army? Congrats to you too!!! Ad maiora! Scaramouche (VS player X Regio) ”

  • Here there is the final ranking, we corrected it, because Tourneykeeper hadn't the 50cap. It works really bad this weekend I want to personally apologize for that. Thank you all for coming, I hope you enjoyed everything, I'm sorry if the place was not very hot inside, but unfortunately only a week ago we have discovered that the municipality have removed it for politically problems with the pwner of the location. Thanks to all my opponents (Maxime, Aurelien, Raphael, Alberto and Paul) for the fi…

  • Hi buddies, another surprise for you! One of our partner, Labmasu from Marco Arcari, will be with us during the tournament. You can place an order on and pick it up at the tournament without fees. In addiction his black friday week is running with a 30% discount on all the items in stock. It is a win win,isn't it? PROMO CODE: 65KV 24V1 5PQZ F8AB.

  • First round pairings (and rows): 1. Death & Roll - Serraglio 2. Enfants du Sud - Qtl Bomber Team 3. Custodes - IC Team 4. Ork Jeux Table - Gli Arrosticini Infernali 5. FBJ - Il Concilio dei 13 6. Le Poutre du Gross Poisson - Foot Team Assoreta 7. Gressin - Pupazzi Pesaresi 8. Troika Team - QLO 9. Red Reapers - 100 Torri 10. Dream Team - Team Johnny Sins 11. Aurelien e i suoi amichetti - X Regio 12. Team Ukraine - La Gang di Stomaci 13. The Holed Cheeses - Armata Brancaleone We will use tourneyke…

  • Quote from Firthunands91: “Nice to see Spanish folks attending. Hope you do well with your dwarves @babbonatale-! ” Hope to repeat the etc results, but it Will be really harder. Quote from Math-CD: “@babbonatale- please let us know when the streaming is. It could be fun to follow it ” In a few days, I will inform you here, on the captain WhatsApp chat and on Facebook