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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Great stuff as always!

  • Quote from Swelt: “1D4con is a small tabletop convention in May located in WV. They have a game room that allows for demos. I think this year they had something like 400+ attendees. ” Added!

  • Quote from Squirrelloid: “I'm just going to point out that Milwaukee is in WI, so might want to get Nexus moved to the right place. ” *am Canadian, will correct

  • First post has been updated. Keep an eye out for any other con’s! The high reward way we can grow the game is to run demo events at these shows! Usually it gets you free entry as well!

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

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    37qdmp.jpgvia Imgflip Meme Generator My VS list currently has no towers, no cannons, and no dreadmills. I'm debating dropping the demon too.

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

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    37qddl.jpgvia Imgflip Meme Generator

  • Ontario!

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    welcome! We have a few players in London and Kitchener, and a few others up in missisisauga. The facebook group is usually where events get first posted.

  • But will it work for my 15mm AWI stuff? I’ll probably buy some to do my Roman project whenever that happens

  • New Blood

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    Quote from Ghiznuk: “Meanwhile, in Southern France… One club reposted this quaint scene of Ninth Age demo day happening around some local fair. Demo 1500 points armies were up for grabs for the new players and their families. 66386448_842087529498497_1764861027532406784_o.jpg ” Flipping Amazing way to get the young-ins!

  • The 9th AGE - Meme Thread

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    bless the father!

  • That's really cool. I would suggest some sort of tab to make it easy to pick up and remove the paper minis from the units. Ie. You slice a slit through each base, push a piece of paper or something through. Can make it easier to rank up and remove casualties. The other option is turn these 2d flat pieces, into hollow 3d boxes, with these pictures being on the top. Then x2 profile views, and a front and a rear view to finish the box off. But these are quite good for starting!

  • im just thinking this is a great way to get young kids into the hobby regardless of income. Great work!

  • Quote from Grouchy Badger: “Interesting seeing my reviews written differently.. ” write better -signed, your editor (But seriously, in a normal world we would back and forth a bit so were both happy, but theres time crunches here that make that harder.)

  • were waiting on the next iteration!

  • 4500 pts vs VC 13-7 win for the VS. MVP for VS: Vermin Demon LVP for VS: jezzails MVP for VC: Ghoul Brick LVP for VC: grave guard

  • Seconded. my business mind immediately jumps to 'cost not worth the benefit' Do what you do best. Good, simple, cost effective sculpts. Your niche is in being those 3 things. You can improve the materials, the casting quality, the sculpting details, but always remember what sets you apart from your competitors. I love the stuff that MOM and Last Sword do, but they do things a little different, and different is good. It maintains a healthy market. Don't try and be everything to everyone. At least…

  • they dont work on the bare plastic. I saw a video testing it. Im curious about the pre-primed dnd minis tho!

  • Quote from Mad 'At: “Some cool Iron Orcs 223-py8ql8ek-iron-orcs-squad-1.jpg ” picked up the iron orc chariot from knightmare during the KS. Looks good so far, but havent built it. Great sculpts tho!

  • Quote from dan: “No, you need to buy new bearings from Kisanis. ” Hey, I didn't get my new job for nothing! Quote from dan: “I worked in auto financing for years, so I was half expecting him to go with the assumptive close at the end there: "Cheap chromed steel balls are common online. The chrome will flake, and the carbon steel underneath will rust out in paint." "Oh wow, I wasn't even aware of that!" "Most of my customers aren't, but I can assure you that the extra investment for quality beari…

  • Quote from Baranovich: “ In addition I added a stainless steel ball bearing to every pot I owned. ” Always make sure you are using 316 stainless and not chromed steel! Cheap chromed steel balls are common online. the chrome will flake, and the carbon steel underneath will rust out in paint. When in doubt, see if they're listed as 'food grade' Signed - a guy who sells bearings all days long!