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  • Quote from Kopistar: “I get why VS woud be next, but as far as i know, nothing as been said about it. Have any hidden infos ? ” I hope I didn't spoil anything. I've been told it had been publicly announced.

  • ID are in the work and so are DE. Next in line is VS. Afterwards: Still open.

  • Barrow Knights

    Shako - - Vampire Covenant (VC)


    Quote from Elpeji: “Quote from VampsinMD: “however many moons away that is ” I hope changes aren't to far. Because the AB needs to have a real personality. I really wish an AB where all units have an advantage when you take a bloodline... ” There aren't many armies not wishing for a LAB. Gonna be tricky to pick who's next. But I personally hope your wish doesn't come true. If 5 bloodlines are staying (they might not, it's a leftover anyway; they might increase/decrease in size or get rid of comp…

  • Quote from AlexCat: “No, I dont see a problem here. I voiced my own opinion on what is the right approach. Argumented it. The decision is done of course by other people, but that decision should be made based on what they think is the right approach not on community wishes, and of course there should not be any attempt to compromise. Its a technical question, not a political one. ” Quote from AlexCat: “See above. Its not about catering. Its about choosing the right (in the eyes of the decision m…

  • Quote from AlexCat: “Do not distinguish between singles and teams. This is an old faux pro argument. ” Quote from IoRi78: “Quote from AlexCat: “Just. Use. Data. From. Big. Competitive. Tournies. ” the problem is that many of this tournament are team tournaments and Team Tournament data are different from singles. ” See the problem here? For you it's clear that those shouldn't be distinguished, yet as you fully know this discussion pops up after pretty much every big tournament. Quote from AlexCa…

  • Define big. Define competitive. Declare wether singles or team count, or both. Explain why other's don't matter or if less to which degree less. Oh and organize some big competitive tournaments, seeing as there only has been a limited amount since the last patch and we can't use data from previous patches. Or are a handful of tournaments enough? If so please explain that to all the people demanding for a whole lot more data before anything at all changes.

  • I'll take: T70 ToE Menorca T71 ToE Zaragoza T72 Valencias

  • Quote from Eol: “For DE: Infantry: MSU: 10-15 MMU: 16-24 LU: 25+ Cavalry: MSU: 5-6 MMU: 7-9 LU: 10+ ” 2nd those but bearing in mind: Quote from msu117: “I think it is healthy for the game and some entries to start at 15 even if the army is suppose to have msu as a playstyle. ”

  • Quote from Donotask: “Quote from IoRi78: “Quote from Alexwellace: “Wouldn't like that myself. Fiends are strong as is, I don't think an upgrade made around upgrading them is needed. Hoarders are the ones in need of help. Mv7 at max, slowing down fiends. ” that is a more probable outcome if we are allowed to add it ” Slowing down fiend is the worst idea I ever heard.Sorry, just no. They are good as they are at most I would put the AP2 into smother to make them a little worse against standard and …

  • Taking: Tourney 42: T9A NM 2019 Tourney 43: Listas Nazionale 2019 Tourney 44: ToE Fuengirola Corregidas Tourney 45: Bode Bashen 12.5 Tourney 46: Gift of foresight Anybody speaking spanish here? Tourney 30: Tornoeo Nith Age 20_01_19 I could work with google translator (I think at least) but would prefer not to.

  • Quote from logick: “@Shako Okay about point, drop all point from our book. At least 1-2 points for each things. (minimum) and we will see different build ^^. ” 1) I'm not doing any point drops, I just gather data. 2) If everything drops, the lists would still be the exact same way and just increase in powerlevel by adding a new model or two to different units.

  • Quote from Ludaman: “This does not mean big rules changes or opportunities to rewrite the rules for things like peasant crusaders, but instead probably means point adjustments for over/underperforming units. ” I want to emphasize this. The update later this year will be points only. KoE rules are frozen. So while you can all come up with ideas what to change, that's reserved for the LAB where the army book will be built up from the ground again, so talking about small changes is kinda mood for t…

  • Taking Tourney 24: Ylva endagars var 2019 Tourney 25: Winter War Tourney 26:Wettcon Vinter 2019 Tourney 27: Warsaw Team Tournamane February Tourney 28: War Head (beware! Lists are listed twice, look at the name of the players to make sure you don't double up!) Tourney 29:UK Nnith Master Open Tourney 30: Tornoeo Nith Age 20_01_19

  • ETC lists

    Shako - - Orcs and Goblins (O&G)


    One indication on what entries might receive a point increase/decrease is the amount if times said entry is used. ETC is "just" another tournament, so broadening the horizont and looking at more tournaments combined: We can see the following trend Well, not that much to see there yet, as @Just_Flo hasn't updated the second post yet as to few tournaments have been analysed. 21/72, come on guys! The sooner it's done the sooner the update will come this year

  • ID General Chat

    Shako - - Infernal Dwarves (ID)


    Quote from sam585: “What are you trying to achieve with the prophet? ” Using the model :). After that it depends on the build/army. At the moment I'm toying around with yet another monster mash fielding him and being able to support the Overlord with Onyx Core (as I had problems staying in 18" range when using the Prophet by foot and the Overlord on a mount). But definitly not set on monster mash. Quote from sam585: “Moreover, I think you need to run him as occultism+basalt+secrets of mithril an…

  • Everybody who's eagerly awaiting a point update: RT needs those infos so come on people! I'll take: Tourney 27: Warsaw Team Tournamane February Tourney 28: War Head (beware! Lists are listed twice, look at the name of the players to make sure you don't double up!) Tourney 29:UK Nnith Master Open Tourney 30: Tornoeo Nith Age 20_01_19 Tourney 31: 9th Age MAsters 2018/19

  • ID General Chat

    Shako - - Infernal Dwarves (ID)


    Anybody here fielded a Prophet on Bull recently? Toying around with the idea and want to play him once, but I can't find a build I'm 100% satisfied with. Prophet, Bull of Shamut, Dusk Forged, Ghostly Guard, Lugar's Dice, Dragon Staff, Shield, Infernal Weapon, Wizard Master Would be an option, clocking in at 840 points. Has 6 S5 attacks, going with Alchemie some of those gets a reroll and he has the staff to further his damage output. 1+ rerollable vs non magic is decent defense. Lugar's Dice fur…

  • ETC 2019 OK list breakdown

    Shako - - Ogre Khans (OK)


    How long you'll have to wait depends on what you're hoping for. There is going to be a point adjustment later this year, you can help speed it up by doing some TA work in the threads existing in every sub forum. If you want non point related changes, those are going to happen for OK with their LAB. At the moment 2 LAB's are in work, starting next year the goal is to publish 4 per year, no schedule has been made up yet (at least not as far as I know).

  • UD 2.0 Discussion Thread

    Shako - - Undying Dynasties (UD)


    Quote from Kapten Kluns: “it was a good read. It was mentioned several times in this thread that UD are supposed to be top 5 in magic, what are the other 4? ” SA, HE, DL and I've sometimes somewhere VS. (Also DE in their speciallity of hexes/damage) Not guarante those are exact, and even more important - those had to do with ASAW which is no longer a thing so..

  • ETC VC results

    Shako - - Vampire Covenant (VC)


    Quote from eggsPR: “There were no tablings by turn 4 as in the case from other armies. @dan @DanT @Just_Flo I think this is an important piece of data. ” Yes, indeed it is. Imho this piece of data points to VC being quite good balanced. 20-0 should be incredible rare.