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  • I believe that running Lion Guard strongly incentivizes the magic path to be Divination (the converse is not true, running Divination without LG is ok). Cosmology + MoCT works better with FW or SMs or big units of Lancers (or Alchemy + MoCT).

  • Quote from Aegon: “ One last point: You can't make everyone happy, but you can still get an overall picture of the complains by the community. ” This is what @DanT has tried to do for months...

  • Doesn't the MoCT get the Sword Sworn rule (+1 to hit when wielding a GW)?

  • Quote from cptcosmic: “that is just a nice way of saying that the commander is useless without all the bells and whistles you add on top ” I think it's more a way to say that every single character is useless without either (pick 1 or more): a) Being the General b) Being the BSB c) Picking Items and/or Special Rules that give the Character a role d) Mounting something that gives the Character a role e) Providing something to units around the Character. Commander currently can take b), c) or d).

  • The BSB upgrade is mostly the point of the Commander, and since the BSB upgrade is heavily underpriced the total combination ends up being mostly ok. Especially taken with MoCT or Queen's Companion. Utility is the name of the game for the Commander. You´re saying that the profile of the Prince should be lowered (in stats and price? Only price? Only Dis-1?) and the utility honours would do the equivalent of what MoCT/QC BSBs do now, and the fighty honours the equivalent of what the Spear Prince/F…

  • Quote from Fnarrr: “The question should be: what should a character with maximum optimal gear be able to do? After that is defined, you work backwards and assign those capacities between the equipment, character upgrades (in this case honours) and base profile. ” Perhaps I understood @Fnarrr wrong, but here he seems to be saying that what matters is the total cost of the character combined with Honour+Items+Mount. The core of the base character does not matter as much as the combination (Char+Ho…

  • Quote from Henrypmiller: “Im pretty sure the character with the QC honour doesnt need to be mounted. So technically you could have 3 articunos But just No other characters. ” He needs to be mounted on a Large or Gigantic mount to get the increase to 25% AA and 50% Characters I think (and all characters have to be mounted in this case).

  • That sounds really cool!

  • Quote from AlexCat: “As far as I understand unit buffing characters seems to be not our thing either. Honestly, I can not imagine what is the envisioned role of HBE characters apart from casting spells and riding fantastic beasts. ” I think we would need confirmation or a detailed explanation of what is allowed as "unit buffing" in the context of HE. Is giving Valiant forbidden or allowed? Is giving Quick to Fire allowed? Is the rule for minimized Panic from FO allowed? All of these are pretty m…

  • I think since Combined Arms and Infantry seem like having a high chance of being primary playstyles for HE when FAB comes, infantry characters should have some roles in the army. The Spear allows a vanilla Prince to be a fighty infantry character. It also clashes with adding more damage output to the other on foot Honours, because in combination with the Spear the damage output would be too high. MoCT is already a hybrid fighter/caster who has access to a toolbox spell selection. It has good spe…

  • WTC 2019 - HBE Lists

    elendor_f - - Highborn Elves (HE)


    Quote from Vespacian: “This may be a gross oversimplification/ a rehash of what elendor said earlier, ” I think you meant @Arthur, he is the player from the Belgian team who's bringing HE to WTC. I am just a random HE player who lives in Belgium too and likes to bother good players with questions Quote from Vespacian: “HBE don’t create polarized lists well enough as were a jack of all trades army, so we don’t get the corner castle or the aggro role ” I saw some hype in previous months around dou…

  • You have done it correctly. Remember you can also pick the Hereditary spell.

  • If somebody is curious (although probably most people hare have read it already), there is an interview with @DanT about Highborn Elves, published in the Ninth Scroll issue 12, available in the Downloads section.

  • Wizarding Hat Improvement

    elendor_f - - General Discussion


    Quote from The Beninator: “Do serious lists ever contain CoWK? Isn't the lack of bringing something to a list the entire basis of arguing that something is "under-powered" in this project? ” I have seen some, as has been mentioned, with Master with Heirloom + Character with CotWK. It basically gives you 6 spells without requiring a Master + Adept, and you get a BSB out of the deal. It's not super popular but for a fair comparison you should count how many Lightning Vambraces and Rod of Battle yo…

  • Isn't the new design philosophy that of soft constraints rather than hard constraints? For example low character-to-unit synergy rather than absolutely none.

  • Quote from jaith1: “You can even just grab Diadem of Protection for the dragon rider... ” You can, but that would be a total waste of points since due to the Massive Bulk rule the model could never use the Aegis save from the Diadem (neither the armour from the shield or dragonforged armour you mention). Similar point goes to your mention that Star Metal's Alloy can be used on the dragon as well, which is wrong since the Dragon and the rider constitute a single model with a single defensive prof…

  • @AlexCat I think @Giladis discussed it here once, but in terms of the Background. Tier 1 were Chosen Lords, Doomlords, BoTD Vampires, Tier2 Vampires non-BoTD, Saurian Warlords, Ogre Khans, Tier3 Elf Princes and Dwarf Kings, KoE Dukes, UD Pharaohs, ID Overlords, and I don't remember the rest. I may be making a mistake in the order but I could try to dig the post up. In terms of game play your question remains as to how this is implemented of course (for instance is it allowed that a specialized b…

  • Wizarding Hat Improvement

    elendor_f - - General Discussion


    Quote from Phaeoron: “Got three games with him, rolled pentagram of pain thrice, used the hat zero times on an expensive infantry prince (suicidal enough even without the 70p handicap on magic items). ” It seems that most people are upset because of Pentagram of Pain

  • Wizarding Hat Improvement

    elendor_f - - General Discussion


    Mmm, a comparison of Rod of Battle / Lightning Vambraces with Crown of the Wizard King. The combat augments from CotWK are better than the +1 to hit from RoB, except Altered Sight which is sometimes inconsequential. However every other augment is far better, particularly Druidism, Evocation and Shamanism (Divination is okay, the +2 Agility can mean much more than a +1 to Hit in some cases). For the ranged spells it really depends. Alchemy is matchup dependent, Pyro is similar to LV, Occultism is…