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  • I hope no better save in core than in special. I will just make your opponent choose exclusively the special for shooting target. PS : I think it's a long an unhealthy debate which happen here. Being bottom tier armor was already stated as possibly fine if the rest is creative enough to make it work.

  • Because UD might need a little more than point change to kill the standardized list which seems to dominate the meta. And it's also a good brainstorm to identify more precisly the reason. But sure, maybe we can solve this by increase the price of architect and wizard by +80pts. That would be a good idea to make the player angry.

  • In DE MSU, I value more the champion upgrade than the musician. The champion for the charge roll (it's infantry), and because a good attack (generaly judges) is worth without increasing the unit footprint. And it's fine for accept duel as character tend to be cowboy in those kind of list. The musician is not bad, but I just tend to go straight ahead, or if I reform, the 5" (or 2,5") move don't change the game. So saving 20pts for 6/10 units let you bring an other unit (harpies / elite one).

  • Quote from IHDarklord: “ Oh - And then let the H only heal the non-construct units ” Surely not. I don't want to be unable to heal my construct without an architect. I play mostly monster and if i'm forced to play an architect for healing it would be very, very tiring. In fact that will just stop the normal balance between unstable and healing. ___________ That said I also think that a simple point change on the architect is not enough to make the army less performant (as we have to agree some n…

  • Monsters : MSU : 1-1 MMU : 1-1 MLU : 1-1

  • Cloacks are very cool ! Good models, but some details seems odd : rib of the horse seems too big/long, and, maybe more personnal, weapons are too heavy, too much fantastic for me, but it seems the general aspect of your range of model.

  • Not sure losing guiding light is enough to end the full construct lists... The real problem that was pointed more than once is more that our construct are all good alone while the other unit need some boost from character. On top of that we have a focus on buff spell which is emphasis and bossted by the hereditary attribute, so any unit can be good to kill anything with this. But why chosing the slowest and the one who need another type of boost when the construct are fine alone and are large wh…

  • Just read the rule swift reform until the end : Quote: “ 21.A.a.30 Swift Reform During the Movement Phase, a unit containing one or more models with Swift Reform may execute a Swift Reform instead of a Reform . The unit makes a Reform with the following exceptions: • The unit is not prohibited from shooting in the next Shooting Phase (but will still suffer the to-hit modifier for moving and shooting). • The unit can perform an Advance Move after the Reform. For the purpose of no model being able…

  • Wanna try to take a look at all the book in this post. Not all deserve a change, but it's to forget nothing and show my trend. For unit I'll present like that : - Name : point trend (- for a buff / + for a nerf, each symbol is something like a 5-7% change) changes outside of points Let's start : Characters - Pharaoh : - - Nomarch : =/+ - Hierach : = - Casket : =/- - Harbringer : - - Architect : +++ In order to justify an big increase of the cost, it can be good to update the profile with some de…

  • What is the use of the Light Troops rule on the Brand of the Dragon manifestation of the WDG Exalted Herald ? Avoiding him to execute wheels ? Or if I take 3 of them I can't form a rank ? (if playing at more than 5666 pts)

  • Yes, like that. And yes, people will want to charge. Every time. Even me to be true. But it's an impossible charge so normally we can't declare it. So an exemple somewhere is better.

  • I'd like to see some case where a charge cannot be succed when nor blocked path or the alignement can be done (mainly due to a sole Impassable terrain blocking the alignement for exemple don't know if the link will work : 1 then 2).

  • Seems like some people represent themself the assassin as an experimented saboteur while the original word name a drugged fanatic with hashish. Well, thing evolute so the meaning had changed since medieval time, but the origin designate more someone who is ready to spend his life in order to kill an enemy leader or to terrorize, and more often tied to a cult (so our actual cultless and non fearless assassin are weird with this definition). For now I think it's sure we have to define more precise…

  • My army: UD Opponents army: WDG Score 12-8 MVP: dread sphinx + ark of age LVP: necropolis guards

  • Don't forget the project has learn from the WDG book, and the weakness written in the guideline are not "straight". We can have avoidance and special deployement, but not as backbone of the army : it's unlikely core will get good and easily available option for this, or army with all (or maore than half) unit with those traits. Now I see no problem to have some good option for this on the assassin, as long it's still a limited piece and we won't have 5 of them on the battlefiled. And for what it…

  • It's better to avoid thing that work only in combo with only one unit. It lead to bad point efficiency if you try to play it without the combo, so finally you'll just see assassin+raven cloaks every time... and finally it will just be a upgraded champion+magical banner 90% of the time. And personnaly, I don't see assassin doing some buff, they represent more the solo character than any other in the book (it's already true now, just with not a leader and no access to BSB or magic).

  • Well, assassin can be character outside character allowance , with less option available to character (no special item, and less common options), but more option that we normally see on units... Or let's say : an unit like the Blazing glorie but that can join units ? There is sure something cool to do with this guy.

  • As it seems the Paths will probably see a slight rework, I allow myself tu ressurect this thread. If anyone as something to add or discuss.

  • Maybe. Maybe not. It's not that rare that I try to go second with the least mobile of my DE list in order to limit the first shooting/magic phase of my opponent. I must admit that playing without shooting myself is important for this decision, but going is clearly an option to consider. So an option like that is just very gimmick.

  • So, in this case don't be afraid to see knight going down to 3+ armor and character hardly obtain the 2+ armor. The designer will surely find this enjoyable to justify armor nerf. But I personnaly prefer the alternative I wrote (espacialy the Parry one as it's CC related and the guideline told about this kind of defense), and I think it's better for everyboby to make their mind on the idea DE will probably don't have better armor. So maybe let's start exploring ideas that can fit instead of push…