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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Here the reality is that I drew in total freedom, actually the team of the backgrounds did not have a say.And as you have noticed so much, I draw women according to my sexual taste and not according to a historical reality. we are in a fantasy game and not in a reenactment game. So it's my choice and I understand that everyone does not adhere to it.Then I will not work anymore to put book forward. if the developers (or whoever) of the game want to resume my illustrations there is no problem. I r…

  • Hi everyone, @Babnik Kalenina to be printed to you is for me the most beautiful of compliments! thank you. For the Gothic letters, I thought about it too but I was afraid that I could not integrate it properly into the image and I also made this choice because I was afraid that medieval letters would add too much understanding to the image. @ryan90 You’re very much talking about her for some reason. Manga culture and some very widespread, in France at least, so I took that freedom.

  • Of course, when I do other work on the IX age I would share them here, but you can also follow me on Facebook on the page "Galerie dessin renaud" where I put all my work there.

  • Quote from Mercenary Armies: “amazing job. Can I ask you if the araldic shields on the map are officials? Cheers bro. If you need more book to share your amazing job just ask. I'm going to make rules for every concept art. Very very very good job my friend ” Hi, Thank you again for all your compliments. I apologize if I answer your question incorrectly, I may be poorly translated but I do not intend to draw for other rule books. Next, shields on shields are almost all of my invention.

  • J'ai édité la dernière page pour rendre l'image de la carte plus universelle d'une langue à l'autre. Je n'ai pas encore édité le PDF cependant mais c'est dans les tuyaux.

  • I edited the last page to make the image of the map more universal from one language to another.I have not edited the PDF yet but it is in the pipes.

  • Thanks @theunwantedbeing, Even if it is true that I no longer feeds my blog is full because I handle the size of my files pretty badly ... To answer your question I draw by hand. Ink pens and alcohol felts more precisely.Then actually, I scan then I allow myself to gummer imperfections to the computer on paintbrush ...

  • I fully respect the opinion of Masterwired and Hoffa and I also heard their compliments.They have the right to be disturbed by my drawings. And I can not change anything because all opinions exist (the pros and cons) in women, some may be shocked, others may appreciate. I admire women and appreciate the beauty of their bodies from where my ease of undressing them, a woman naked for me does not have the meaning of sexuality but the meaning of beauty. This is my main motivation. Now: we are in a g…

  • Ok merci pour ton conseil je me dirigeais effectivement vers une solution de ce genre, mais j'avais du mal à trouver une certitude sur les noms qui étaient récurrents d'une langue à l'autre.

  • I think the officials refused me for good reasons. I had several graphic evolutions, they gave me tips to improve myself. I might try again later.

  • Hi everybody, I come to you to know your opinion on the subject of the map: in the current version I used names with a French character all having kept the names of the mountains in English. as this illustration is supposed to be universal no matter the language of the book ... So I'm wondering if I will not be satisfied with just graphic details in no names ...?

  • Merci, mais dans la nouvelle version de la carte je n'ai pas encore décidé si j'ajoutais les noms... Sachant qu'il s'agit d'une illustration elle n'est pas sensé changer d'une version. De langue à une autre. Je ne suis pas sûre que se soit une bonne chose de la garder en francais... Du coup même d'anglais j'ai des doutes... D'où peut être l'idée de ne garder que les blasons et peut-être un oiseau plus détails illustrés... Je ne sais pas encore.

  • Ok c'est ce que je craignais... Je vous informe donc que je vais éditer la carte d'équitaine à la fin du livre d'armée. Cela devrait prendre deux jours si je reste optimiste.

  • Hi everybody,I inform you that I am going to edit the equitaine map at the end of the army book. it should take two days if I remain optimistic

  • Hi everybody,I inform you that I am going to edit the equitaine map at the end of the army book. it should take two days if I remain optimistic

  • Ce sont les Sylvains c'est ça ?

  • Pour la carte, je ne la connaissait pas, mais sans rien promettre je me demande si ne devrais pas la refaire... J'ai gardé des noms anglais, j'ai ajouté des noms franchouillard et je me demande si la forêt de Wyscan n'est dédié à un autre peuple... bref je me tâte. Sinon pour vous remercier de vos encouragements, j'ai mis en dispo la version PDF. merci à illuvatar pour son coup de main.

  • Hi everybody,You've probably all read my thread on the illustrated book by équitaine, but I thought it would be nice to see him here too. PDF version : presen10.jpg (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) (Hidden Content) …

  • Thanks again for all your feedback.Regarding the Amazon ... You are talking about the famous website sales site or a part of the forum which I have not yet understood the name ? For most of you you have perfectly recognized my intentions I am very flattered by your impressions. Anyway I did this for the community, I grant the total freedom of use lucrative or not of my drawings by the IX ° age, I also allow myself also a personal use of my side to goal lucrative or not.In addition I affirm to be…

  • Merci illuvatar, Et merci à tous pour cet engouement.