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  • Quote from Deeza: “Hi All I've recently started out on making a secondary Undying Dynasties army, and have got hold of a bunch of old GW Tomb Kings minis in various states of repair to serve as the core. Many of the minis are partly broken down so it's a good opportunity to "reassign" some of them (converting archers to spearman, vice versa, etc.) during the repair process. What I'm wondering is what a good "balance" between unit types would be for a starter Undying Dynasties army? I realise thi…

  • Quote from Warchariot: “Quote from umbranar: “Quote from Warchariot: “Quote from Koller: “Quote from umbranar: “As I have read so far I think the easiest solution suggested till now is limit Death is only the Beginning to once per magic phase for non-standard height units. This hits the big offenders who can also be targeted by Master of Stone, while favoring Skeletons, Skeleton Cav and Necropolis Guard. Might need to organize our own little test phase and see how that goes. ” By first look I mu…

  • Quote from WastelandWarrior: “Quote from Nicreap: “Quote from WastelandWarrior: “Scouts to special unless 8 strong like other non elf books? Make you take some more skellies? ” you mean more chariots ” Yeah sorry, made a typo legion chariots; 0-1 units per legion of skeletons or necroguard in the army (legion can be 30) ” that will lead to non legion chariot spam. Skellies are still hot garbage and the bunker buys you the one big legion unit you need

  • Quote from WastelandWarrior: “Scouts to special unless 8 strong like other non elf books? Make you take some more skellies? ” you mean more chariots

  • Quote from Wesser: “Chariots up in price Skeletons a bit down Hourglass up Very Big increase on Architect Decrease on Skeleton cavalry (those that aint Scout chaff) ” skeleton cavalry can't scout Skeleton scouts can

  • Quote from Kapten Kluns: “ofc, but there are no manifestations aviable to grant quality options to a wizard ” is that really needed when the entire army can gain a +1 modifier to their spells? You can also see your magic phase in advance, and trade tokens 2:1 if you desire it, but extra channel with manifestations, and boost your veil storage via manifestations. Seems like a strong suit of skills for the magic phase as is.

  • Quote from Kapten Kluns: “Quote from IHDarklord: “I think top 5 can be seen in different ways. VC and UD should be top 2 in small healing magic. SA should be first in terms of choice and manipulation. HbE should be first in defensive magic. DE should be first in aggressive magic. DL should be first in veil token generation. ” veil token generation is the Most boring thing ever.... So No, thats literally no quality involved at all. ” don't forget DL can get +1 to cast on any spell attempt and can…

  • you have any vague idea when the updates are expected? I'm down for this challenge but my next tournament id's in November, id rather not focus games and painting on a challenge that will be over by the time i attempt it XD

  • ah, i didn't catch that. I think the easier wording would be large and gigantic models once per turn. That way if someone had a crazy skeleton cav idea they could still use that too.

  • Problem is that approach hits skeletons far. Worse than constructs/ chariots. NG and skeletons already aren't played. That change will almost ensure it stays that way since constructs/chariots will still be the best healing targets.

  • ETC 2019 Lists

    Nicreap - - ETC


    Quote from tulmir: “Problem for divination is the range. UD takes it because can buff to 24", VS vermin deamon is strong because it can buff to 24". There should be downside when you have a longer range. Maybe after the original range of the spell, casting the spell should be harder ” 24" div is for chumps, i only run 30" div

  • Quote from DanT: “Updated "no big 3" VS list: (Hidden Content) I think this would be my starting point, which would need to be iterated by playing games, and then tailored to local meta. It has 2 combat blocks, 2 secondary scoring units, a good magic phase, a fair bit of outreach, two monsters and two combat support units. The outreach also all has good range, making the list better for dropping than VS normally is. Deployment will be very important for this list, it looks like it lines up and j…

  • Quote from dslak: “The Banner of the Relentless Company applies to all infantry models in the unit, and the War Dais is Infantry (check the entry under character mounts in the WDG book). So, a character on a War Dais also benefits from the banner's march bonus. ” This is very true, and a good thing to make note of. But he asked about the battle shrine, which is a construct and as such doesn't benefit from the relentless banner. I suspect it is to allow the warriors to try and score in the later …

  • Quote from Folomo: “The expected role can also matter a lot. A faction used as a shield will get far less points than one used as a sword, even if it contributes more. So points scored are not the best indicator in a team event. ” I figured I wasn't even going to touch that can of worms yet. Particularly since the bigger issue is 25% of the data is currently missing,

  • Quote from Bartas: “Where was a lot of talking about similar VS lists on ETC and how OP they are, and I even started to believe you, but according to tourneykeeper they were underperfoming, making VS bottom tier on this tournament ” we should wait until 25% of the recorded armies aren't just blank. Maybe all the top VS scorers are by pure chance all the unlisted armies, stranger things have happened.

  • Quote from Adaephon_Delat: “I even like the Inquisitor a lot without blessed steel but with pw and heroes heart and Potion of swiftness. Pretty cheap but scary with 4s5 attacks os6 ” i do this with the silver shots and mounted. Not as cheap, but becomes a true pain in the butt, because it can dish out the mw in cc or shooting granting flexibility.

  • bell in the rat at arms or depends on the opponent?

  • Quote from jirga: “Res5 chariots looked too boring route to be honest and was the reason why I didn't spend too much time finding models for them. ” They are also the only reason that terraotta is played seriously in tournaents. regular UD skeletons are seen as a pile of poo. inflating their points to strip away the one thing that lets then stall (healing) is as i said a bold choice. hopefully you surprise us all with a new unforseen list. sadly personal eperience with trying to get regular skel…

  • Quote from jirga: “Thanks for the insight. Going to try this army out at local game shops monthly tournament at some point so building somewhat effective list is on my to do list. ” ill adnit you are taking on quite the task trying to get a good terraotta list without using the things that are truly great about then