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  • Quote from ToDD: “lolwut Pics of the whole army plz ” Quote from Armazeroth: “This answer is signature worthy ! Time to start broccoli´n´peas. ” Still working on things! Cavalry is next on my list, but for now here are my pineosaur Rock Auroch and eggplant Giant: M37eggg.jpgToLUN3y.jpg Quote from clorens: “and where can you see those files for beast herds? ” Ah i forgot they were skeleton beastmen! Could use for two different armies? Some other good designers on Thingiverse: M3DM Schlossbauer Vi…

  • Do it! I 3d printed an entire army of bananas and other assorted vegetables for an ogre Khan army. Not everyone's piece of cake, but makes the point that it's possible. Liy1JnW.jpg Check out bigmrtong on thingiverse for beast herds models, I think he has some that would work.

  • Awesome, thanks guys! Models are ordered and on their way, bases are being laser cut along with some rulers with mini-inches on!

  • 10mm Makhar adventure!

    Karanadon - - Makhar


    So a few friends and I are starting minihammer (10mm scale T9A), and there are so many good Mongol models at this scale I decided on a Makhar army! This is a test list I want to try, where everything is mounted and should be in combat pretty fast. I never really like putting all my eggs in one basket but a huge unit of horsemen was too good to pass up! Quote: “Makhar Gyula (385): General, Stallions Tempest, Paired Weapons, Greak Elk, Mammoth Cloak, Spirit of the herd, Symbol of slaughter. Enaree…

  • Looking to start some mini armies with a friend and have a question. Charges: rolling 2 dices and halve the result? Roll 2D3? Roll just 1D6?

  • No idea where my files are but there are lots out there: