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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • We have still 19 spots to fill, come on guys!

  • Quote from Darguth: “Quote from Norbaminiatures: “Quote: “Maybe a digital release? ” maybe... ” I would *gladly* pay you for 3D-printable files of it. Gladly. <throws money at the screen> ”

  • Quote from Iluvatar: “Sadly, currently, no. Because my SSD crashed, and my backup hard drive too - so I've lost any ability to generate the cards in a recent format. Unless someone has the cards in jpeg format of the proper size somewhere... but I doubt it. ” that's so sad!

  • Than your opponent has to focus that spell to stop. But I see the point and I don't say you are wrong. However, he can still be chaffed or locked in the CC or shot down with magic and shooting (or now killed easily with many characters in the game thanks to multi wounds madness). And at the end of the day, it is a spell, right? Use your binding scroll or dices to stop. It is not a divination spell that one shoots a greater deamon

  • Quote from Adaephon_Delat: “And then ravens wing on steam tank? great idea, but i am sceptical that this is not OP. I would agree @Villon. Through the hereditary EoS has already a very flexible magic ” I don't see any problem here. If you can Ravens wing a death star, a big monster why you shouldn't be allowed to the same thing with steam tank?

  • I think number of the paths that EoS can access should be 6: Alchemy, Divination, Cosmology, Pyromancy + Shamanism and Witchcraft Shamanism shouldn't be a problem for fluff reasons. Witchcraft might seems be problematic at first, but connection to fluff can be easily done.

  • I think EoS is in pretty good shape. There are some units I haven't seen for a long time. Maybe something can be done for those units: - Pegasus and Dragon mounts - Artificer - Inquisitor - handgunners Also, I believe that EoS should have access to more paths, 4 is not enough. If EoS have access to more path, I believe we would see different builds more

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    Problem for divination is the range. UD takes it because can buff to 24", VS vermin deamon is strong because it can buff to 24". There should be downside when you have a longer range. Maybe after the original range of the spell, casting the spell should be harder

  • these two things won't be happening together: - to have a powerful grail character - to have powerful virtues, which make our characters go toe to toe with other characters in the game

  • My fear is, if we have a superior character over our Duke, our virtues might get weaker... one of the great thing of KOE is to be able to win against great enemies with an ordinary human who has great magical items and virtues... if we have a character entry really powerful even before adding some virtues and magical items, that might overshadow the "soul" of this army

  • that's one of the most bizarre thing I have ever heard looool

  • I think 7 virtues with 2 Oaths, plus 3 mount options are plenty. We just need internal balance (mostly for everything in our book, such as our magical weapons)

  • Higher percentage for character allowance. Magical items we actually use (we don't use half our magical items) Less restrictions, better internal balance (such as having Grail character 0-1, or no WM if you have two units of Grails) And make Pegasus great again!

  • I agree with the last point of yours @Klexe. It has been a huge problem for years

  • how about a special item for our champion? When you pay for a champion (20pt) you can buy the item for extra points so we could balance the cost of the champion. It could be a special lance or sword (since champ models has sword), like giving him Devastating Charge (+1 Attack) or plain +1 attack It could be a special shield, like giving him +2 DS

  • I wrote to the other thread but I should write here as well, I suppose. I will try to bring fame and glory to the name of the Lady and to the land of the honorable knights. Equitaine horses of Tulmir will ride across the land of Avras!

  • Quote from Lich King: “Quote from WarlordHU: “Any chance KoE will be added? If yes then I'm definately in! ” Finally! I've been searching in the KoE faction forum for participants in vain till now. Actually the KoE was meant to take over a very important part in this campaign - well, they are the rightfully rulers of Avras so far. I'll have a chat with @Adaephon_Delat on this. Gonna come back to you in this context, maybe even tonight. In the meantime: would you be so kind and try gathering more…

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    Those ETC players... you guys really should stop complaining over and over again every year lol... we have the best mass fantasy system, be happy! It will get even better after every year. Play some campaign games, lose some games purposely to new players, pick some "weaker" armies to play for fun and so on... ps: the only thing that will stay in my mind about this topic will be "mod edit" posts loool

  • Team Turkey is looking for a practice game

    tulmir - - ETC


    Quote from Fnarrr: “Hi @tulmir, Bulgaria is up for a Balkan warm-up on Thursday afternoon ” we can start at 3pm than. thanks mate!

  • We can't solve the problem by changing the grail oath only. Our book needs an overhaul. But if it's up to me, I would change to grail oath to +1res, fearless and +1os/ds