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  • Quote from JimMorr: “And you got the exact position before Sea Guard was in place: they reached their destination only after being removed from the table to perform after combat reform if I read the situation correctly. ” Just mark position of SG and Scorpion remove Scorpion since he will be dead after the charge and do the reform with the SG to see where they will be and then move Reaver so it works. Mark the position of SG after reform and put SG and Scorpion back on their original position. T…

  • I started playing DL with the release of the new 2.0 book because I was disappointed by the design of the new WotDG book. Both armies are heavily combat orientated. But every WotDG unit seems to work the same way: high weapon skill, S5, high armor and characters with 1+4++. Sure there are some cool stuff like Hellmaw the again underpriced Battle Shrine and Damnation Forsworn but all in all everything is the same. DL on the other side have highly specialized close combat units. Sure they have the…

  • Scourge is not working

    Dekadenz - - Daemon Legions (DL)


    I think the main problem is, that Divination hard counters any GD. And it seems to be right now the most used lore. Some armies can't take Divination. So if you buff now GD until they are viable in Divination Meta these armies will struggle to deal with them. But we could change Divination so it is not as powerfull anymore against GD's. I think the Banishment is fine but this D6 gable with the Judgement seems to be pretty dumb. Wasn't the change with the damage of cannons to D3+1 to take out som…

  • El Rey at the ETC who should I interview.

    Dekadenz - - ETC


    I'd like to hear from several teams how they prepare for ETC. Do they organize special bootcamp weekends? How many games per week/month do they play for preperation? Are they testing and practising speial matchups or just playing as many games as possible? How they choose the armies they bring? Just the 8 best players or the players for the 8 best armies? How they choose the rosters? Are they aiming for like 2 rosters wich can play against anything or is just everyone playing his favourit build?…

  • Abrasus Tactics Channel

    Dekadenz - - User Blogs


    Oh man I am still so ashamed ... But well. Yeah the roster was designed to build to beat UD and it worked. I killed our list in testgames. The problem was that there weren't that many UD builds as we aspected. And alle the vampire builds where 2*10 wraith and 1-2 shreeking horrors. I thought the vampire meta would be more around big units of ghast and spawns. The roster is also good against KoE mirror and I think you could kill cc dwarfs too. VC builds with wraith and VS are a horrible matchup a…

  • Moment mal. 500 Punkte ist ja echt nicht die Welt mit den neuen Punkten. Vielleicht bin ich am Start mit den Monoelfen.

  • Quote from Origin: “That's the army spread: O&G 4 WDG 6 DL 6 KoE 7 BH 7 DH 8 OK 8 DE 8 HE 9 SA 9 SE 9 VS 10 ID 11 EoS 13 UD 14 VC 15 @Krokz or I don't know who else to tag for internal and external balance about lists and teams composition. ” Thx for sharing but the actual rosters aren't for the public? =D

  • thx for sharing where do I find the other rosters?