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  • @Malekith2k5 I’m with Dan, fireforge has delivered better than 90% of the kickstarters I have backed. The only ones who do better aren’t using the platform to “kickstart”, they’re just using it to advertise an already finished product *cough CMON cough*. The minis I’ve received from fireforge are a better product than any other manufacturer I’ve ever purchased from except GW, and I’d rather give my business to them than GW any day. I hope your minis get to you soon and you appreciate the hard wo…

  • Fought hard on account of the fact that divine attacks in most situations would have been worse and the Grail Oath was set to increase in cost despite this. What we really fought for was keeping the +1/+1 and also gaining divine, arguing it might actually see some use compared to the questing Oath. We were told absolutely not since it would be eliteness creep, so we stuck with what we already had rather than get something worse. I dislike rehashing the whole thing since it ended up being an enor…

  • Yep, I used to use it on my BSB in quests (which wasn’t terrible, it helps a bit with Spears and such), but have since swapped it out to make sure my grails have the banner of speed.

  • Hey guys, that’s not fair. My yeoman have twice now killed dire wolves

  • Quote from Archeron: “i like the idea of Lance Formation stands like it is and we are getting bonus we need with another rule like "Trained to fight on the Horse" ( Devasting charge , + 1 hit , hatred etc) This then would be a rule , Questies ( no Lance) and aspirants don´t have. ” Thanks for jumping in Acheron, as the head of play-testing do you think a bonus like this would be warranted without a minor nerf to lance formation? Just curious.

  • I’d prefer the “Jousting” style special rule to be honest. A lance is just a long wooden spear with a cup, it’s the years of training from horseback that makes it dangerous, not some sort of special wood or magic pixie dust :).

  • Yeah I was gonna say, nice lady orc, where’s she from?

  • Well I know that shapeways will print 3D files for people if they have the rights to reproduce, so if you have reproduction rights for your files you can sell individual reproduction rights to others and they can get them printed there. Also that looks great!

  • Quote from tulmir: “Lightning Reflexes is a no for us. Somebody mentioned before, and I agree with that, Lance Formation should grant Battle Focus and not just charge only ” I don’t think this is as hard and fast a rule as it used to be. I think originally it was meant as an “Elves-Only” rule, but I think the RT and Backround team have mentioned moving away from this. Wrath-Marked Warrior units are an example of this. It could also just be: Devastating charge (+1 to hit) There’s also this option…

  • It’s always an interesting choice between fluffy-rules, complexity, and the actual result. While the idea of adding more attacks for each wound is fun, it adds complexity, slows down the combat phase as you roll and re-roll, and re-roll, and maybe re-roll one more time, with the end result being: you do more damage on the charge. But it is fluffy, and it is fun... just not as much fun for your opponent. My suggestion would be simple, right now the rule is: Lance Formation: The model gains Fight …

  • That’s cause she’s lifting her cup to “cheers” right now, after a few sips she gets a bit loose

  • Lol!!!

  • Quote from Grouchy Badger: “Quote from WhammeWhamme: “When I think of the Lance formation, I think of a millstone around the neck of the LAB team drowning them... More seriously, people are never going to be happy with a rank-breaking Lance Formation. It is both too strong in the hands of a top player, and too fiddly in the hands of everyone else. The solution (IMO) is simple: It's purely for damage. No rank bonuses, just plenty of FiER so you can put an absolute cavalcade of Knights into a targ…

  • Quote from Marcos24: “@jirga Nice! I really like those @Ludaman Thanks man i'll finally have a complete army again ” once you figure out the size ima gonna want some of these (headless please) to use as a second unit of knights errant. Name your price

  • Quote from Marcos24: “Check this work in progress out. Already printed a test model and the details and chain mail came out really well, however the model was too small, i need to learn how to figure out the size in mm…134186eac2a67ddff0ec4573a ” This is so awesome!!!

  • Yes! That would be awesome!

  • That’s true @Marcos24, but it’s a fine line between original fluff and... Doomstrike Fyre-beard-Soul-Syrpentis Metyl-Realm Slayaer-Bersyrkaers! I’m happy to play an army that pays homage to a Romantic vision of Chivalry, King Arthur, and the struggle between the old pagan ways and the modern world (that new-fangled church of Sunna, and those black-powder weapons). We could definitely change the name of the Green Knight to something a bit more broad: “Avatar of the Lady”, “Spectral Guardian”, “Im…

  • The masked painter! The Batman of The brush!

  • Yellow and black hair always looks good, as does a green dress with red hair! But I’m not one to be picky, redhead, brunette, or blonde, no matter what it’s a beautiful mini