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  • Models for Daemon Legions

    jirga - - Daemon Legions (DL)


    Would these work for you? RedMinis_Slashers_800__80965.1448595586.380.380.jpg shop Lycals1.jpg shop Dogues%20pack-1.jpg shop

  • Quote from tunasandwichify: “ I never said anything about the FDE either. But I think the drop in points only to make him the same cost with the only weapon people put on him is asinine. ” I have FDE with halberd so win for me.

  • Quote from kigraa: “ my 60+ marauders with flail are sleeping in the closet since 2017. same for my 8 chariot (core in V8). since my core is warriors and .... nothing else. ” Weren't marauders with flails and mark of khorne the most obvious auto include in warhammer before 8th edition book came out and nerfed that build to non existence? Same with core chariots. Don't really feel sorry if such builds aren't possible anymore. You can use flail equipped models as barbarians with great weapon as gr…

  • Constructive feedback from test games is of course preferred. Personally I dismiss all gut feeling reactions to the changes. What I remember from wdg ETC lists they were pretty similar with few exceptions so it's no wonder that ETC lists went up in price. And average 75 point increase isn't that big anyway. Didn't UD lists rise with 300 points on top of nerf to their hereditary?

  • Price decrease. Could have written more price decreases than increases of course but decided to use buffs and nerfs as most people see increases as nerfs.

  • Looking at the change log there's more buffs than nerfs. That's pretty good for an army which is performing slightly better than the goal is. All price increases hit units and options that were in heavy use. This isn't news to anyone of course. Interested to see what lists people can conjure with the new points.

  • Tempted to get them as knights for my wdg. I've been looking alternative knights for ages as the plastic knights from GW are way too big for my taste. These look perfect. edit. So it was a character. Unit with that look would be perfect I mean.

  • If I understood correctly UD might have some rule changes in their book as point changes alone would not have been enough to bring their book closer to the desired power level.

  • No unfortunately. But there are several different unit options with different set of weapons.

  • Quote from namadeva: “Those are 32 mm high right? I think they are taller than GW average humans. Cheers, ” Yes. These are bigger than humans on 20mm bases. Haven't seen these models in flesh but the Lannister halberdiers from the core box are about the same size as chaos warriors from GW. Better proportions but the height is about the same. These look a bit bigger than those Lannister models so perfect as warriors.

  • Coming soon for song of ice and fire. I probably get them ti be used as sloth favored warriors. SIF_Bolton_Blackguards_MAIN_IMAGE.png

  • Quote from Clangeddin Silverbeard: “Are you implying that the point decrease on chimera mount and my genius arguments on the forum are somehow unrelated? Well, that’s certainly depressing. ” Your arguments were in perfect tune with the algorithm. Besides predicting price drops in 9th age you have nice opportunities for personal success in the future when AI overlord takes over the world.

  • Yes of course. But they are rewarding mantic only armies which is of course their right as they are promoting their models after all.

  • Not a fan of GWs latest models either but they do have vitalized whole wargaming scene with their success I think. Personally I'm waiting northstar to release undead for their oathmark as they'll probably be aesthetically what I'm looking for. More dark age looking than plate armoured later middle ages. Mantic has started to push more and more the same ideology that GW has. One game with one manufacturer for models. Of course it's their right as they too are a company selling models but KOW did …

  • UD 2.0 Discussion Thread

    jirga - - Undying Dynasties (UD)


    What does it matter how much barrow cavalry cost if they do the job they are assigned?

  • Quote from ToDD: “Since I remember some people wishing for plastic pig faced orcs:…medium=mail&utm_source=so I can't say anything about their new plastic releases, but I own quite a bit of lucid eyes white metal Red Book of the Elf King range (but sadly no-one who plays that game) which looks amazing. ” Came to deliver the same message. Here's few pictures of their models. Price is 30£ for 24 orcs so quite cheap. 72630237_1144846815714251_8090385262175059968_o.png.…

  • Discussing purely on written form is difficult. On top that we don't much know the person behind each others forum avatars and nicknames so the communication is made even more difficult because of that. I support Dan's view but do see the point in counter arguments too. Warriors are elite. The feel of eliteness feels diminished when naked, hairy and crooked legged thing with a sharpened stick can beat these elite warriors easily one on one with their access to powerful special rules and banner e…

  • Makhar Discussion

    jirga - - Makhar


    Quote from asari: “Karkadans dont have to be scoring, but they can have a speical rule so they can eat objectivs so your opponent do not get it ” That would be funny rule. There is this short story of empire observer observing wild karkadans in the book and it ends when the karkadan in question empties it's bowels in front of the observer. Karkadans defecating on the objectives and removing them from the game would be hilarious. I doubt we would ever see such mechanic in the game though.

  • It's for the aos skirmish game from GW. Warcry I believe was the name.

  • Need to test that out. Sound fun.