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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • a solid mainline unit, would take them in a heartbeat even at the price @AlexCat describes. Also differentiates from SG even more with SG being all rounders and spears being a serious anvil. Combine the spears above with our magic capacity and I'd say we have a very interesting way to control the battlefield

  • Quote from ferny: “Quote from Masamune88: “@ferny we had this fight in the 2.0 rejig. BGT has LG as a hero cult of guardians for the throne and FW as quasi priests/monks. Unlikely to change unless BGT is willing to change direction and fluff that they have already created. ” where is this info stored?! Have I just missed it or is it not publically available? This is exactly the sort if snippet we need...! ” background info that was part of the 2.0 adjustment/arguement. There are parts that have …

  • HA in conjunction with a full rework of the book to focus on defense as a defining feature of the race? Absolutely. Think of HBE as a faction that prides itself on control, over aggression, and you may find things fit together well. Using current state as a yard stick for FAB is a fools errand

  • @ferny we had this fight in the 2.0 rejig. BGT has LG as a hero cult of guardians for the throne and FW as quasi priests/monks. Unlikely to change unless BGT is willing to change direction and fluff that they have already created.

  • The increases are currently not enough to offset the lack of decreases @Shako especially with the current tiers being what they are. I would advise people not to get their hopes up, its an ok update currently, but its not going to improve the health of the army more than maybe 1 - 2 % on the points.

  • @Furion and that voice has been silenced. Vesp is now your only advocate and adviser as I became increasingly disappointed with the overall results of the project and took a step too far organizationally. Sorry.

  • @Furion I'm sorry but I'm no longer in a position of influence to assist you in this matter. Vesp should be able to help.

  • @Furion I'll poke a few bears and see if I can get anything rolling for you. No promises though

  • @Kimara_Online are you suggesting that you speak for the 1000's of players all around the world that are happy( and some that are not) with the current development of this voluntary project and by which you feel you have the ultimate responsibility to dictate the future of the project as a whole? If yes, by all means, put your hand up to HR and ask to be a part of the wider team, if no, then sit down, rethink your decisions that have lead you up to this point and stop trolling. Do it again and I…

  • @Kimara_Online what does the above post achieve? Are we currently up for redo? Have you heard anything about what is in store for HBE? Do you have any information from the founders apart from what has been reported to you by anyone that is actually involved in the project? No? If so, I'd suggest stopping the hyperbole. It achieves pretty much nothing and just discounts you as a viable opinion when we do get to the design phase. Keep it civil gents.

  • @cptcosmic it's called managing expectations, with such wide ranging points changes across all books to happen in the near future, there is going to be changes in our book to the top performers to ensure that all events out, not just boosts us to the top. Collective thinking, not singular thinking will be applied (and rightly so). The project has been accused of being opaque in the past, I'm mitigating this by being transparent, but that doesn't mean that I'm only going to be transparent about t…

  • Aka, be ready to receive a points increase on MoCT along with the buffs on our other entries, its probably the best performance peice we have atm Once we have more info we will share it though, rest assured

  • @DanT I've been tossing up taking the below to the largest tourney in NZ this month but am having a difficult time justifying close to 1200 points on a single model. Think its feasible? Quote from Masamune88: “ ++ Highborn Elves (Highborn Elves 2.0) [4,499pts] ++ + Characters + Commander [340pts]: Heavy Armour, Master of Canreig Tower, Shield . Special Equipment: Lucky Charm . . Alchemist's Alloy . . Willow's Ward - Models on Foot only Commander [320pts]: Battle Standard Bearer, Light Armour, Lo…

  • @DanT yes, it is part of the ACS remit to translate the ideas to the community, however if the ACS has to dig through layers of bureaucracy to find a person willing to define the situation succinctly then we have a problem. Unless the ACS has the tools and information to hand to answer the clarifications though, we will end up with the confusion that has been going around. From my exp of the design process, it is incredibly hard to pin down an answer from aspects of the project mainly due to wor…

  • @Giladis the tag was to move the comms higher up the chain yes, but also in your comments directly post your reply you basically point out my point, "You misunderstand..." And then a lengthy explanation for something that should be outlined. Basically you are needing to translate the guidelines meaning for community members to understand. That in essence is an issue which can seriously drain the project of resources due to explanation burnout

  • @Giladis this discussion seems to be revolving around interpretation and knowledge. I can see the frustration of both sides, but the crux of it seems to be that the designers and higher ups understand what they mean inherently with their guidelines as they have defined what the terms actually mean and have context for internal comparison, the community doesn't have the advantage of this knowledge. Because of this, they are left to try and tease out meaning by asking questions over and over witho…

  • Quote from Giladis: “@Masamune88 you also forgot Shamanism being eastern and Alchemy being western influence. ” true, did slip the mind, hard to keep track since it's been a while since we had the discussion. All in all it's the great unifier, all the aspects of elven kind in one complete package. Which works fantastically well thematically and mechanically tbh

  • @Giladis ninja'd me, that's the article that describes the divide between MoCT and Asfada, not as succinctly as one might hope, but we have an unreliable human narrator so, needs must. MoCT is a unifying entry, ment to thematically link all 3 races of elves through a puritan ideology, hence access to druidism (SE, for the wilder cousins) and witchcraft (DE, for the trickier cousins). It's a divide for the soul of the pearl throne and its empire, Asfada believe all elves need to be civilised and …

  • I'll have a hunt around for it

  • Quote from N3okorrales: “its only 695 points!! what a bargain! now compare it to a KoE duke and cry in a corner. ” comparing it to the might Duke is a bit disingenuous, that thing is going to take a massive hit this update if what I'm hearing is correct. And I said that this build was overpriced. Not doubting that in the slightest. Also, again, tone down the response.