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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Quote from Wesser: “But both him and any Dragon comparisons is ofc totally irrelevant here ” I agree. That gets us nowhere. And if there are no balance concerns, why don't we have access to light armor for Druids already? It feels like restrictions for restrictions' sake.

  • Quote from Chack: “An example ? Right now i can only think about chars in ranger (wich i agree it's a shame that they work that way), and maybe druids, but mages are kinda supposed to be a burden i guess. ” Ranger chars are of course the prime culprits. I suppose elks slowing down cavalry is an acceptable compromise. Princes can use horses after all. But it annoys me nevertheless. Mounted druids slow down everything they join. Eagle mounted chieftains and princes have mismatching bases. This wou…

  • Looking back at the WTC I have to admit that match-ups weren't that terrible. There is usually enough variety in a five man team to find something workable. I had the impression that SE have rather a lot of extremely bad match-ups, but not too bad overall. In a singles tournament however, I would be concerned to be matched against a hard counter. Overall, there are other things that frustrate me about the current SE iteration: - No armor for Druids. If a highborn bookworm is able to put on a sui…

  • Here is the updated list to avoid confusion. I'll bring printouts for my opponents. (Hidden Content) Sorry for the mess. I was obviously not careful enough when submitting the list.

  • Quote from saint_barbara: “You'd be over 4500. I've noticed you also have the points for the Kestrels wrong. Should be 602 for this setup: 622 - 6x Kestrel Knights, CS, Skirmisher & Sylvan Longbow So Eagle out, 5 Archers in and you're good (4 still don't cut it). ” You are right. 5 Archers.

  • Quote from saint_barbara: “2. SE - not enough core, should be 1125, is 1019 ” How on earth did that slip through? Smallest possible change is probably: - Removing 1 of the eagles. - Adding 4 Sylvan Archers. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Quote from Borcha: “5x Heath Riders (180), C (20) M(20) = 220pts ” Mea Culpa. That is a typo. The unit does NOT have a champion. That's why I only do list writing via software. My brain lacks the focus required to write down 10 lines without errors. I think the other entries are all uniquely identifiable. Or are there any layout rules I am not aware off?

  • Unit Card Concept

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    It has been a while since I've been active. I am spending most of my weekends commuting back and forth to the place where I work, which unfortunately significantly reduces available hobby time. I will try to address some of the points raised in my absence: 1. Usability: Transcribing all army books to get a cached version of all characteristics is a pain. Especially if it has to be repeated every few months. I decided that I won't do that. Especially since there are other projects that the card t…

  • Etc data

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    Quote from arwaker: “In team tournaments not only your opponent has more control over the matchup, you also have. I would say, in general, team tournaments have a higher ratio of predetermined games, games where the winner is nearly certain before the beginning, it is only a question of how much points are earned. From theoretical consideration I would say, team tournaments favour (getting higher results than in single tournaments) armies that can win very high, and unfavour (is that a word?) ar…

  • Unit Card Concept

    Arrahed - - General Discussion


    Server is up and running again. I underestimated the time and effort it would take moving to another city and starting a new job. Priorities had to shift for a while. The source of the project is more or less open. Anyone interested in hosting the service can simply write me a quick pm and I will grant the required permissions to access the code.

  • Regretting the lack of strength 6 units is not the same as saying: se have poor combat units. Saying that the composition rules unfairly punish certain reasonable builds it's not the same as saying: shooting is bad. Saying that magic is required to get to str 6 with our troops is not even close to saying that magic is bad.

  • I got mine as well. Looking forward to putting everything together. Maybe I'll take some pictures, but I moved to another city recently and I am not sure how much hobby time there will be. Overall, pledge fulfillment was pretty quick. I got my raging heroes stuff about a week ago and that kickstarter ended years ago.