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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • @Krokz Alright... Too bad coz that Hellmaw for sure changes the way we play... I kinda like it (even at that price)! And how did that broken feeling arrived? Non-WDG players? Guts? Stats? Cheers,

  • In that case... Could the Young Griffon as Character Mount get a 4HP? Cheers,

  • I understand that... But now, before gold, the 4 hp on Karkadan was already mentioned. Nothing was changed, and we saw it go from 115 to 105 to 95 to 80 pts... So... What if that 4 HP would have resolve this? Let us imagine... I mean at some point one must realize that, again, if something is not picked whatever the price, maybe the solution is not... in the price? Cheers,

  • @jirga I am sorry, what negativity? Don't you see it is the opposite? That we are fierce WDG aficionados? Cheers,

  • Hi! I wonder if this is the proper thread to offer some ideas for future change or is there already a dedicated one? Cheers,

  • Well, maybe I am missing history here but I need to understand this: 1) Is the 15 pts decrease for Karkadan weighted to have the same impact as the 15 pts decrease for Exalted Herald? In order to have them picked more often? Would it be Ok to ask for the next update if you would consider giving it 4 hp at 80 pts, you know, to test? 2) So why decrease by 10 pts the lance option? And not 15 pts? Because 5pts Lance feels too low? 3) Same goes to that Veilgate Orb, why 5 pts decrease? 4) Pts decreas…

  • Quote from jirga: “Quote from rolan: “book being locked didn't prevent a rule change for UD last patch, so no valid argument, If one book can be changed despite being locked, all can ” It was stated that top books that are way above the desired power level will get rule changes as only point changes wouldn't be enough. Wdg book was performing better than average but still within the limits so point changes are enough as there's nothing broken in the book. ” So if Karkadan is at such a good place…

  • Indeed, The Wardais seems at the perfect spot for 80 pts. And the Karkadan would be if it had that 4 Hp as a mount (not looking at the CK here...). So, on what ground is the risk that it can be similar to a Chimera with that 4 hp? I would compare a Chimera to a Hippogriff for sure, but Karkadan? As we are in a beta kinda situation, would not it be a good idea to test it at 4 hp? Meta would for sure be of more interest! Don't you think? Cheers,

  • Quote from Shako: “Quote from namadeva: “What in the world prevents them from giving the Karkadan that deserved 4 hp? ” Right now? The book being locked :). Back then? I don't know, I assume together with increases similarties to the Chimera (which doesn't always fly) it would also open up the question why Chosen Knights don't have 4 hitpoints, I mean they're riding Karkadan's too. And "normal" mounts don't increase hitpoints for other armies. Putting a Marshal on a horse doesn't give him more H…

  • I know, I was there when they said it for the previous update. But for me Chimera and Karkadan a totally different mounts: one can fly, is way stronger and does not go with combine units, the other one is a stronger horse that should have 4 hp. What in the world prevents them from giving the Karkadan that deserved 4 hp? Cheers,

  • Hi, I really wonder why the Karkadan as a mount is not set at 4 HP. That would make him justice. He is now at the same price as the Wardais... Cheers,

  • Quote from Clangeddin Silverbeard: “Yeah, you can get a roster together w two Hellmaws. I think? Especially if you think of one of them as a multi-purpose chaff/block/flank-unit that needs only survive turn 1. A lot of people have been running hellmaw w two gates. The price difference between that and two hellmaws isn’t that big. ” Turkey team did that at ETC :)... 2 hellmaws and no gate! Cheers,

  • Quote from Eisenheinrich: “Quote from elendor_f: “In order to use a Gateway from a Hellmaw, the unit has to end its movement in contact with the centre of the Gateway. This requires the unit to respect the minimum spacing rule, correct? So if, for example, there is an enemy unit in contact with the Gateway, or placed such that the WDG unit cannot end its movement in contact with the centre of the Gateway and be more than 1in away from the enemy unit, the WDG unit cannot use the Gateway. Is this …

  • I am happy I participated to the update of the Battleshrine as a mount rephrasing: now we are sure you can not select the heirloom and change the hereditary to himself Cheers,

  • Is there a chance that we see Flails again for Barbarians? Or will you take it from the VS as well? Cheers,

  • Quote from Shako: “Quote from namadeva: “How many guys are working on the WDG army book? And who is taking the final decision: it is a stat or is it a dude? Because looks like everyone is saying drops in points should have been bigger for the concerned units... ” (Nearly) every player of every army says the point drops are to low and should be bigger.While the point increases are totally unreasonable and should stop as the unit is working just fine the way it is. ” Sure, but I was referring to @…

  • Quote from Rothulf: “Sorry for being on this one guys, real life called me away from any screen yesterday Here is the update, and the good news is that it is a beta ! The power is now in your hands !!! RT asked us to test the updated book and give as much feedback as we can, we are also allowed to submit a short list of questions that will be answered. Here is how I see the process: 1. We should need to recalculate all ETC list with the new prices, this would allow us to have an idea of what old…

  • Quote from Glakthag: “Book of Arcane Master says: Wizard apprentices and adepts only. Nosferatu Forbidden Path Blood Power says: A Wizard Master with this Blood Power becomes a Wizard Adept using two different Paths. Can these be combined? From the wording I would say yes, but some software doesn’t let me. ” Given the description you gave, I do not see why you could not do it (maybe the app you are using did not anticipate that combination).

  • Quote from tunasandwichify: “Dogs went up.... /eyeroll. My current list went up 125pts!!?? WTF!? Love it when the decreases are slight in order to "not overshoot", but the nerfs/point increases are large jumps... ” But cheaper as Core by 1 pts! Cheers,

  • @Eisenheinrich Btw looks like there is a wording error for the Battleshrine as a Mount: - in model rules: Beacon of the Dark Gods - in description: Keeper of the Beacon Cheers,