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  • Guys What you want is just a prelate of sunna. Come with us in Eos ! Believe me, I am French and I prefer the damsel term as the KoE is a representation of the French medieval chivalry warfare mixed with Arthurian legends. France is the country of Troubadours and of the "Amour courtois" This is why your mages are called Damsel. You don't want to play world of warcraft or EoS... If you want some French medieval fluff, read "A song for Arbonne" from Guy Gavriel Kay

  • before nerfing chariot lord, just ask you why the BH foot characters are so bad. some clues : no good save, no good weapon to have an impact, no synergy with troops... I exclude the mino lord who is almost ok

  • Quote from Herminard: “ Minotaurs are res 4 with almost no armor - some armies will just burn them to crisp and have ample combat answers for the remains. ” A majority of BH players lurking on this forum already said that : we have big problems with Elves, and armies with many range attacks. This is why I don't understand this f...g classification in 2nd tiers. But we will see. I am afraid what you said will be verified : nerf everything that goes beyond and we probably will have more attention …

  • Let's be serious You don't pay around 550 pts in a 6 minotaurs unit to see half of them dead before having any chance to strike. It should be acceptable for longhorns if they were cheaper because they can deal with some loss due to their number. But for minotaurs...

  • Quote from clorens: “Beast Ax only works well with characters, not with units. Longhorns and minos need to hit first not last, that's why the black wing totem is so popula ” Exactly this. Want beast axes ? give them RES 5 or decrease drasticaly their base cost to deal with the loss. But of course as we are a high tier army...

  • At the moment, I see the inquisitor as a "Van Helsing" piece. And it's ok for me. If you give him the same role as a prelate or a BSB, you will make these 2 choices disappear.

  • Quote from Idum: “Tier list that will play a role in the points adjustment, announced in the news section: Top tier: UD, VS High Tier: WDG, VC, OK, BH, DL Mid Tier: KoE, OnG Low Tier: DE, DH, EoS, SA SE, ID Bottom tier: HE I definitely expected BH to be in the low-tier area, mid at best so this is definitely a surprise. More importantly, this means that armies identified as lower tier will get a power boost compared to BH: all elves, dwarves, orcs... AFAIC playing vs. elves (especially HE!) felt…

  • For our secondary characters (Inquisitor and Artificer) : Remove their magic item allowance Remove them for character category Move Artificer into Artillery slot Move inquisitor into Sunna's fury, change the options: - Give more attacks for blessed steel (to compensate loss of hammer of witch) - Allow 2 silver shots per army or find something to make it better

  • Quote from greentide: “The last one is indeed quite a good idea (Pennant for handguns only), don't you think? @Gaius Marius @Adaephon_Delat ” Their problem is their range and the fact that they lose one turn to be operational compared to crossbows. Not sure this should solve the problem.

  • Quote from clorens: “Before the goats players of this forum less a few said that all this was good when I said that they did not work and now that you see the ears of the wolf is when you say that these units have to be fixed, Well at least it's a start. ” Perhaps we should start optimistic and give him a chance, no? Put some water in your wine please.

  • Quote from Kaitin: “Quote from demgear: “I would look at WHY people are picking them. 1) Cheaper than other picks in core 2) Smaller footprint than other picks in core 3) Spears 4) Banner 5) You can put mino warlord in freely 6) You don't need to put beastlord anywhere Why would you pick wildhorns over mongrels? 1) Tougher 2) Better WS 3) More attacks (PW) same number of attacks as mongrels with spears cause Spears fight in extra rank ” ”

  • On my side, I have tested many things : Many ambush, Chariot Army, Monster army, "Caal's list", triple cyclop etc. I have never found something as stable as my Empire (2nd army). @clorens should be repetitive in his posts (and not as elegant as expected, but hey ! he is just a goat ) , but I think he have some reasons to be. My sentiment with the current version of the book, is that what make the essence of beast herds has been forgotten or sacrified on the altar of uniformisation (Ambush, not a…

  • First of all, congratulation for this new job Next : I really want to see a massive ambush list (wild horns + Mongrels + long horns + briar beasts) working. Discussion about our infantry units have crossed this board, I really would like to get, I think, the true essence of the army book

  • Quote from Adaephon_Delat: “Quote from Mirdhynn: “@DanT : don't you think IG GW are not at the same level (cost / quality) as the IG + rending banner ? ” Why do you think they are not? Besides i would always choose the gw guys ” I think that with the Eos defence and counter playstyle (which seems to be the most adapted to the army) the sword and shield + rending banner have almost the same effect for cheaper (end of game fight)

  • @DanT : don't you think IG GW are not at the same level (cost / quality) as the IG + rending banner ?

  • Quote from berti: “Steamtank is still present in most lists. ” And will continue to be instead of a drastic points change. It is so usefull, I am afraid... Concerning IG options and flaggies : Increase base IG cost by 1 pt Decrease GW option (3 -> 2 pts) Perhaps decrease flaggy cost by 1 pt This would give : 30 IG FGC,sword, shield, Rending banner = 600 (instead of 570) 30 IG FGC, GW = 615 (as today) 30 flaggies =395 (instead of 425)

  • Balance IG with great weapons vs sword and shield one AND vs flaggies

  • Quote from demgear: “I'm begining to think 2x15 wildhorn ambushers are a trap. You can't even reliabily kill a warmachine unless you take 20-22 of them with a musician. For 280 points investing to maybe kill a 140/160 point warmachine isn't a great return. You need the musician to reform when you come on, as you won't have enough space to move with 10 Wide to get all the shots. You also need them ro reliably appear, so do you invest in hunting call on your beastlord? Thats if you actually have b…

  • Quote from clorens: “and they can already put the shields more expensive than the paired ones, they will continue to be used because in the minotaurs they are incredible ” They are not incredible, this is just that Minotaur are so fragile without (Try them against simple elves spearmen...) that every body prefer to have shield in order to gain parry. It give them the little polyvalence that the army lacks.

  • @Just_Flo : No official thread to announce this survey in BH forum like in other races ones ? @Doug_L : I have personally answered as honnestly as possible. I have rated Gortach 3 (medium choice = well balanced) : I think they are well as they are I rated The lord on razortusk 1 which is something "over powered" and spear option for mongrels = 2 as it eclipsed other base choices. If you are honest, the survey should be realistic. Be careful, 5 is not the best but the weakest (this is the score I…