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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • El titan kadim son 560 ahora, no 575

  • It could be 1 shield and 5 Infernal weapon (but imho 1 and 4 is better, the current price increase is unreasonable). Currently we can field Infernal engine (steam hammers), titan and 5 incarnates. Good news

  • Imho immortals need shields at 0 points and infernal weapon at 5. It is apitty than kadum bindings couldn't have 5 points more of drop. I allready play subjugator with bindings and mask, just 20 free points and no space for guanrlets

  • Quote from Ghiznuk: “Except Orcs in the Ninth Age are not necessarily green. (but aren't pink, anyway) ” I had allready disageed with you with my 40 orc slaves and couple of hobgoblin chieftain.…f7366696ea05f7879a36c060f…f7366696ea05f7879a36c060f…f7366696ea05f7879a36c060f

  • Summer is terrible. Paint drys on brushes or airbrush. Can't paint that much. Pkus beach and beers call for me, and I'm so polite I have to answer that call.…………f7366696ea05f7879a36c060f A dragon painted like Drogon from GoT. It is a present for a cousin's birthday, huge GoT fan

  • Wereas in other moments I have feeled like community opinion has had impact, it is discouraging to hear how things are now. Not as community driven project as I have liked.

  • Scourge "easy" revision: Remove rage, give him some agility (4?),gain new rule Fury: for each hit scourge suffers, before to wound, add a fury token (up to N?). At agility step 0, remove all counters and make that many attacks.

  • Peple confuses a lot because they have GW demons. Once you forget that crap, t9A DL makes much more sense

  • New demon book was awesome. I want the liberty of creating armies like that book has. I'm painting a demons army, and options seem infinite, from msu to deathstar, biblock or mmu, monster smash... Exept gunline and horde, you have all kind of armies tgere. Of course I want our team taking risks and changing things. Don't disable old collections, but create chance to have new ones.

  • I really think 2 is the good amouth of iterations, so something like the beta flies doesn't get repeated too. Now, since it is last update, just conservative approach will be allowed. And conservatives are cancer. How can we fix the scourge without radical redesign? Well, with points sure we can, point him at 300 and he is playable for sure. Imho, the next units need redesign (big one): - Scourge, Miser, Centinel Spirit, omen throne. - all herald mounts - imps, eidolons, titanslayer chariot, fli…

  • Quote from IoRi78: “Quote from Peacemaker: “Quote from IoRi78: “TT was allowed to raise Gigantic GD elitenes if they lowerd small GD. The problem comes because TT fear that lower small gd will risk to cripple the book, without knowing if the change to gigantic is the correct one. So TT suggested an other solution and we are still talking. ” ...well the book is in Beta so just up the GE eliteness then in next update lower the smaller GD eliteness ” The problem is that we don't know if there is a …

  • With this combination, from what I have played, it is as protected as Iron husk.

  • Best combo is mesmering plumage + living shield,so teops with OS 5 or fewer hit her at 6. Way cheaper than Iron Husk, and you can also buy armour 2 to fight a bit piromancy and other spells. A second hard target doean't hurt her. This way, the enwmy can just fight her with magic, and that sabes our blocks from suffering it. I play her with either omen or akan. Scourge sucks pretty hard imho

  • Blight Flies suggestion: Remove aegiand give them +4 or better restoration. Toxic hits are inflicted berore armour sabes, and flaming attacks remove this rule.

  • Imho it is to big for the base, @Tyranno. It should fit the 80 mm round base for regular flamethrower.

  • I use GW steampunk dwarves (with titan forge heads) as gunnery teams…f7366696ea05f7879a36c060f…f7366696ea05f7879a36c060f…f7366696ea05f7879a36c060f…f7366696ea05f7879a36c060f…f7366696ea05f7879a36c060f

  • One of the ugliest range of miniatures GW has ever made.

  • Infernal Dwarf Book Snippet

    Manxol - - Infernal Dwarves (ID)


    Back in 1.3 I really enjoyed Prophet with the magical weapon which sets A at 5 and guantlets, 5A S5.

  • Superb!

  • Give zombies 0 atacks and grind N as N is the ranks. Not something big, between 1-3. For example, if they got atack 0 and 2 grind impacts per rank, classical 20 zombies in 5*4 formation would deal 8 grind attacks. But, since they have agi 0 and defensive 1, my bet it would just make up to 2 ranks, maybe 3 (4-6 grind)