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  • @Fnarrr or @DanT, do you know how the magnitude of point increase or point decrease is decided? I was thinking about this in all this data discussion. If there is a trend in data showing that an army is better or worse than average then how is the unit's and new point values then chosen? Unless there is a very good algorithm behind, data will only be able to point at issues not tell what to do about the issues.

  • But an organ gun or a catapult is capable of threatening a monster although less than a cannon. And both the vengeance seeker and dragon seeker are IMO (I'm not a DH player) possible monster hunters. I agree that they prefer not to get into CC with them with most of their units but my point is they might not user the cannon as their tool to deal with monsters.

  • I'm not sure the monster issues can be seen in the amount of cannons taken. Instead I feel both OK and DH to a large extent use high S units/characters to counter them, so I would actually mainly expect the cannons to be visible in the EoS lists. OK comes with excellent S6 and S7 troops as well as the hunter. Furthermore they do not get stomped. So not sure we will see a rise in cannons here. DH can use organ guns catapults as well as cannons to deal with monsters but IMO with greater utility. T…

  • I think the part @AlexCat it the part here in bold. "Models with this Favour gain +1 Resilience. If a modelwith this Favour declares a Charge against an enemyunit that is more than 10″* away or performs an Advance or March Move of more than 10″*, this effect islost until the start of the Melee Phase in the next PlayerTurn.*These distances are decreased to 6″ if the model isGigantic. " Essentially if you get charged you still kee your +1R in CC. No matter if you marched max or not. Edit: Ninjaed

  • ETC 2019 Lists

    Riismanden - - ETC


    Great Graph! @Pellegrim What is the P.CH for a tournament? casual or very competitive like the other two?

  • So etc lists are now up. 10 HbE in total which is similar the other elves both 11. There is a few interesting lists/extreme lists. E.g. Austria's is running 11x20 spear and 4x 10 LG a mage and a MoCT BSB. See more here ETC 2019 Lists

  • Quote from The Matt: “Nm i found the post a few pages back saying that the format invalidates all old lists by removing the extra force selection. Sucks that all my lists won't open, but yay progress? ” I found the old files in the backup folder. I pasted them into BS folder and then the old ones worked. Could that be a solution to you?

  • @DarkSky do you know if there is a place I can download the correct file outside the battlescribe repository? Thanks for all your hard work

  • Did you try the 3 armies I mentioned, EoS, HbE and ID? Those are the only 3 that does not work for me. I still cannot get them to work

  • Quote from N3okorrales: “9th age doesnt even appear in the android version. ” It appears on my selection which is also android. But 3 of the types does not work for me.

  • I can see that it is ID, HbE and EoS that are the roster type where I can cannot select the proper variant. All force types returns the possibility to choose Dummy but all except the above mentioned have the right choice available when creating a roster

  • I get the same Dummy message on my HbE roster? I just updated today.

  • I feel the same issue with royal huntsman. To expensive base and close to ok price on chariot. But a naked commander on foot. 20% off is120 or so hmm. I'm not good with pricing but I have never thought about fielding an on foot commander with no honours. 120 might be ok but I honestly don't know.

  • Is the kill madatory or can it grind it to death or hold it? I am currently running a LG prince on chariot. He will be able to deliver appr. 3 wounds before aegis(I use blessed inscriptions so rr on ward) and another 2-3 wounds from the chariot (incl. impact hits). So a total of around 3 wound on the charge. With magic help it should be possible. A prince on horse with Nova flare deals around 3,5 wounds on the charge before aegis and around 2,5 after so close to same output in first round. To pu…

  • Quote from Henrypmiller: “I prefer wine to math talk. Cant you all go back to complaining about HE being rubbish. ” Fixed it for you

  • Quote from DarkSky: “HE: Queen's Cavalier allows Elven Horse (points updated) and other characters can take Giant Eagle. Queen's Cavalier now allowed on Mages. ” Elven horse is not allowed in the Queens Cavalier roster. So only the eagles are allowed as mounts (not already available) Thanks for the good work.

  • In the "HbE Queens cavalier" repository eagle is missing as a mount for all three character entries.

  • Quote from Kopistar: “this could add another question. How quick can burn down a bunker of 20 squeleton ? Could we achieve that in 1 turn ? 28 sg + lord + elu (+ 3 sea guard reaper). Lets admit we got flaming sword on : Sg hit 14, lord 3, bsb 2. Sg wound 9.3 times, lord 2-3 times, bsb 2. Sgr deal 6 wounds. With reroll to hit : Sg hits 21, lord 3, bsb 3. Sg wound 10 and pointless to continue. Bursting the bunker is not the solution... Unless both spell get off. ” Not entirely impossible. I used 2…

  • Quote from arwaker: “Sea Guard seems to be quite popular these days. In general, I'm surprised to see such a large variety of units and concepts. I like. But what about those Flame Wardens? They've seen more use in the past. What has changed? ” Regarding flame wardens i think there is a couple of things that have impacted 1. the change to rending banner 2. More large units 3. Less synergy with our foot characters compared to other infantry choices that is at least what i think

  • Quote from Furion: “this is what crazy looks like. 725 - High Prince on Dragon, Great Weapon 415 - High Prince: Queen's Companion, General, Spear: Sliver of the Blazing Dawn, Longbow: Moonlight Arrows 375 - Commander: Master of Canreig Tower, Great Weapon, Longbow: Elu's Heartwood 285 - Mage, Adept, Pyromancy, Book of Arcane Mastery 280 - 20 Citizen Spears, MC 180 - 5 Elein Reavers 683 - 28 Sea Guard, MSC, Banner of Speed 414 - 6 Knights of Ryma, M 180 - 3x1 Sea Guard Reaper 601 - 22 Lion Guard,…