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  • Models for the Åsklanders

    jirga - - Asklanders


    You get enough extra heads and weapons from the viking set to modify those naked celts to look more viking if you want. I bought their celtic chariot set and it has extra crew members that I didn't need on my chariots so used them as huskarls with some heads from their vikings set. Looks good.

  • That's nice. We had proper winter here last time only for a month or so. Rest of the time we had mostly slush. Temperature stayed around 0°C. Hated it.

  • Quote from panterq: “I'm sorry - I think I missed something. Did @DanT already proven that CKs are currently an awesome unit, or am I misreading your statement? After all, English is a second language for me, I might be misunderstanding some things. ” I was responding to the passive aggressive comments which were throwing dirt on DanT as a person. That's how I read the comments anyway.

  • Quote from jirga: “Saw this on my FB newsfeed. Should be relevant to this group. 73099887_10157615804713188_600614956886392832_o.jpg ”

  • Models for the Åsklanders

    jirga - - Asklanders


    Saw this on my FB newsfeed. Should be relevant to this group. 73099887_10157615804713188_600614956886392832_o.jpg

  • Unbelievable arrogance when someone go on and show that the internet consensus is actually just a talk with no substance.

  • Maybe there's time in the future to form up a auxiliary armybook committee from enthusiastic aux army players who'll monitor the balance issues and present their findings to RT during annual update cycle. Just an idea that occured to me which might ease the workload and keep the books in shape. When there is time to think such measures that is.

  • Other options in the book became more viable so chosen knights see less play. That doesn't mean chosen knights are bad all of a sudden.

  • You guys should try out mindfulness exercises or something. That negativity is eating productive years from your life.

  • Quote from rolan: “book being locked didn't prevent a rule change for UD last patch, so no valid argument, If one book can be changed despite being locked, all can ” It was stated that top books that are way above the desired power level will get rule changes as only point changes wouldn't be enough. Wdg book was performing better than average but still within the limits so point changes are enough as there's nothing broken in the book.

  • Points are in beta not the book as a whole. There will be no rule changes I'm sorry.

  • Should have bought their stocks before new ceo did his magic. There were signs that he's going to do big changes when he has total control.

  • Building yer jarls

    jirga - - Asklanders


    Byargfylli and dais. Then if I have points left I buy some protections. With dais I get 1+ as when equipped with shield so it's usually a choice between dusk forged and ward saves. I was worried that dais price would go up more than it did as dais has been quite popular in wdg lists. Luckily people don't use much barbarian characters so it was the dais for chosen lord that got the biggest increase.

  • Great weapons went down 1 point for barbarians in wdg book. This boosts åskland army more because åskland battlefever favor two handed weapons. Not an overwhelming boost but something.

  • Models for Daemon Legions

    jirga - - Daemon Legions (DL)


    Would these work for you? RedMinis_Slashers_800__80965.1448595586.380.380.jpg shop Lycals1.jpg shop Dogues%20pack-1.jpg shop

  • Quote from tunasandwichify: “ I never said anything about the FDE either. But I think the drop in points only to make him the same cost with the only weapon people put on him is asinine. ” I have FDE with halberd so win for me.

  • Quote from kigraa: “ my 60+ marauders with flail are sleeping in the closet since 2017. same for my 8 chariot (core in V8). since my core is warriors and .... nothing else. ” Weren't marauders with flails and mark of khorne the most obvious auto include in warhammer before 8th edition book came out and nerfed that build to non existence? Same with core chariots. Don't really feel sorry if such builds aren't possible anymore. You can use flail equipped models as barbarians with great weapon as gr…

  • Constructive feedback from test games is of course preferred. Personally I dismiss all gut feeling reactions to the changes. What I remember from wdg ETC lists they were pretty similar with few exceptions so it's no wonder that ETC lists went up in price. And average 75 point increase isn't that big anyway. Didn't UD lists rise with 300 points on top of nerf to their hereditary?

  • Price decrease. Could have written more price decreases than increases of course but decided to use buffs and nerfs as most people see increases as nerfs.

  • Looking at the change log there's more buffs than nerfs. That's pretty good for an army which is performing slightly better than the goal is. All price increases hit units and options that were in heavy use. This isn't news to anyone of course. Interested to see what lists people can conjure with the new points.