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  • Quote from piteglio: “Quote from SirVelinn: “I wanna see our paladins been able to heal!! Bring it on!! ” 0MtPOUV.jpg @Crosslances, printable stl file, 4€…/board-games/paladin-girl and please no jokes about letting this specific paladin "lay hands" on you ” Haha man id let her turn my undead if you know what I mean.

  • Quote from Wesser: “- If and how the changes have affected your lists? Do you play the same list just with a dropped model here and there or? - Is there units that have made it into your lists? Units that have dropped out? - Anything new and wacky that's opened up? Anything that strikes you as particularly problematic? ” My lists havent changed so much since I already played outlier builds. however I do enjoy that some small discounts helped me squeeze in more models in some of the units. Im a l…

  • What is being needed here?

  • Quote from Mirdhynn: “Guys What you want is just a prelate of sunna. Come with us in Eos ! Believe me, I am French and I prefer the damsel term as the KoE is a representation of the French medieval chivalry warfare mixed with Arthurian legends. France is the country of Troubadours and of the "Amour courtois" This is why your mages are called Damsel. You don't want to play world of warcraft or EoS... If you want some French medieval fluff, read "A song for Arbonne" from Guy Gavriel Kay ” b84.png

  • Quote from Klexe: “Quote from Marcos24: “Then why not push the troubadour concept? That gained a lot of traction and was generally accepted, in case you weren’t around when it was discussed ” There is enough space for both. warrior damsel should be an own unit entry ” I dont like bards in my DnD campaigns, the thought of them infecting my wargames makes me groan.

  • Quote from Kratos: “So You want a magic adept, that can be battle standard bearer and has heavy armour? So you basically want an option for a paladin to be a wizard. Why is not Crown of the Wizard king enough for you? To be clear, I also think that a damsel that is able to be on front rank is needed ( especially when riding an unicorn or pegasus ) but i do think that light armour and paired weapons is enough and simpler for it. ” I think she should have access to BSB, but no access to virtues. T…

  • I just realized he has multiple arms.

  • marina-zautorova-.jpg

  • Quote from oreogolem: “"Oath of Joanne: enchants Handweapons. Usuable by wizards only. Attacks made with this weapon get +3 S, +1 AP, and become magical. The wielder gains +2 attacks and may make up to 3 supporting attacks." Combined with stand behind it is at least unique. Sorry this is the idea my brain had while reading this. ” Made me think of one: Undertaking of Orléans 0-2 Per Army Hand weapon and Bastard Sword Enchantment Attacks made with this weapon gain +1 Strength +1 Armor Piercing an…

  • Quote from kigraa: “hahahahaha ....aweful OBR-Hero-Oct14-MainImage8gsdfg.jpg ” ... am i looking at a [Redacted]ing fantasy walker?

  • Quote from Kratos: “Right. Much better. Thats a bsb paladin. ” But paladins are not magic users.

  • Building yer jarls

    Grouchy Badger - - Asklanders


    What do you guys put on your jarls? I try to keep mine as fluffy as possible and use mostly book items.

  • Quote from Marcos24: “BSB on foot ” but a magical bsb, like an adept.

  • 2454828-bigthumbnail.jpg I was thinking more of this.

  • Quote from DarkSky: “Quote from rzmoz: “Quote from DarkSky: “New Release 2.1.16 Bugfixes * KoE: Paladin Oath points corrected Shiny New Stuff * 2.1 update: UD * 2.1 update: Ask * 2.1 update: SE @Tethie @Grouchy Badger @Julian the apostate @Dr.Norten @LegioIgnatum (Reminder: As always, there is a time delay, between the release of the files by me and when they will be picked up by BattleScribe. I will inform you here, when I noticed. You can check for yourself on…

  • Quote from kigraa: “yep Mournghul must join the roster. base 50x50. Ghostly form, reaper minimum. ” mournghouls are so boring though.

  • Im bringing this topic back up to discussion, as im not ready to put it to bed.

  • Are you a real doctor.

  • Quote from Glakthag: “I think an easy and fun way to add more character options would be to allow Bloodline Counts to take both minor blood powers. Then we could get a flying bulky strigoi count. ” Hmm...

  • Quote from Wesser: “Quote from Grouchy Badger: “Quote from Wesser: “Quote from Grouchy Badger: “Quote from Wesser: “Quote from Grouchy Badger: “you take large dire wolves with Vonks. You can swamp a unit and make it never see combat with dire wolves and bat swarms ” Didnt work for me. Even 8 Bat Swarms died incredibly fast ” how on earth ” Res28 Bat Swarms are a laaaarge footprintNo CR from kills, banners or ranks ” My bat swarms always lasted a time unless it was a might duke. Where on earth di…