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  • Spieler in Aachen

    FWehning - - Germany


    Hallo zusammen, Da ich vor einiger Zeit nach Aachen gezogen bin und damit leider meine übliche Gruppe zu weit entfernt lebt, wollte ich mal hören ob es hier Spieler gibt, mit denen man von Zeit zu Zeit eine kleine Schlacht wagen kann. Bis jetzt verstaubt meine Armee leider nur im Schrank.

  • Quote from Eldan: “Oh, und Baleig ist nicht in dem Sinne ein Eigenname, sagt das Hintergrundsteam hier:…ostID=1146351#post1146351 Sondern ein Adjektiv, dass etwa "hochländisch" heisst. Damit habe ich mich in der Fluffübersetzung schon mehrmals abgequält, all die elfischen Adjektive. Elein, Rymain, Canreig sind auch Adjektive. Ich weiss, dass ich Elein mit "eleinisch" übersetzt habe. ” Also sind das hochländische Hochländer? Ohje... >> Baleigische Hochländer ??

  • Benötige Hilfe: Jemand eine gute Idee für die Übersetzung von Baleig Highlanders?

  • Quote from Karak Norn Clansman: “Deadline is closing in. Do we have any last minute Vermin armies showing up, or do we need a second tactical retreat? To whom it may concern, for those of of you who happen to own painted Vermin Swarm collections: @JimMorr @The Unmarked @skavenbuff @SKAVENCRUSH @SkavenDan @SkavenInAZ @skavennugget @skavennugget13 @Skavenslayer @skavenswarm @rata @ratadin @ratatatata @Ratatoeskr @ratatoo @Weaverman @Moe @Joram @Kdownunder @kisanis @bigbadaboom @Svenne …

  • Quote from Ondjage: “Why does Plagueclaw Catapult have frenzy? Can this rule ever come in play when the unit is a war machine? ” At least the +1 Attack and Immune to Psychology is useful.

  • Quote from Lubart: “Quote from Eldan: “Ah, well. Was a nice idea. ” Which payment method you would like to see on the website? ” PayPal would be great

  • Quote from Lubart: “The Vermin Swarm Abomination. Final version. Available for a special price only in our Indiegogo campaign! 50$ instead of 60$. To back the campaign and make a pre-order, follow the link: 45194084_447898988948383_2730770490611204096_n.jpg45167899_447899012281714_8000614329655230464_o.jpg45301660_447898982281717_6672512752700882944_o.jpg45243667_447899042281711_4124474003635044352_o.jpg ” I really would love to order one. Is there any way to pay without credit car…

  • Quote from Darguth: “In the 8.C Deploy Units sub-phase is each player guaranteed one turn of deployment at least before moving on to the 8.D Deploy Remaining Units sub-phase? Or can the first player to deploy (depending on deployment type in use for the game) drop their entire army and force their opponent to give them a +X to the first turn roll where X is the number of units in their entire army basically? ” Yes, correctly but be aware that the second player has the huge advantage to deploy hi…

  • If I buy for a Tyrant the Paired Weapons and Tail Weapon Option and then want to use Hero's Heart do I get the + 1 Attack Bonus from the Tail Weapon? So does the Vermin Swarm Tyrant get: + 1 Attack, +1 OS and ignoring Parry from Paired Weapons + 1 Attack from Tail Weapon + 1 Attack, Magical Attacks, min. Strength 5 and min. AP 3 Resulting in: +3 Attacks, + 1 OS, ignoring Parry, Magical Attacks, Strength 5 and AP 3