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  • My thoughts, vampire units lose the undead rule. This allows them to break. They get special rule that allows them to join undead units. But if undead unit loses combat skeletons crumble but vampire has to take break test. Fit thematically as they are self centered and are happy to run. Other side effect is that cant benefit from arise. Have to rely on new and improved vampiric rules. Nosferatu vampires could for example gain undead.

  • id prefer something like if harpies are in the flank or rear of a combat the enemy counts as having one less rank for the purpose of steadfast.

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    duxbuse - - Vampire Covenant (VC)


    they have the rule sweeping attack. This can be used during magical moves.

  • Quote from Vamp87: “No one thinks we have a chaff tax and yet nobody plays more than about 5% of their army as chaff. I would guess it is quite similar with core but because we mandate at least 25% of the army is core we don't see a spread of points spent in core because the minimum is much higher than the ideal amount. ” I agree, I think the question is more how to make 25+% the ideal amount.

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    duxbuse - - Vampire Covenant (VC)


    I've only had them work with movement spells. Evocation is great as its a must dispel, when combined with snipe spells the enemy has really hard choice. Though ravens wing is better 9/10 times.

  • T3 Lists

    duxbuse - - Vampire Covenant (VC)


    Have to admit a pair of banshees in a unit of wraiths really does do incredible damage, provided its not taken off t1 with pyro

  • Yeah I would support vampiric units losing an arise value. only if vampiric became more reliable.

  • I firmly believe that if current core troops were point for point as strong (preferably stronger) as special choices, special choices would still see play. Yes maybe x points of peasants is as good as x points of knights. But they inherently have prefered targets and weaknesses. In fact I would go as far as to say that core units should be better than special units point for point. Even then you would still see people playing special troops. This is cause they offer things that regular troops ca…

  • 3 wounds is enough, since one cast of arise from a necromancer can give 2 wounds back. For me the only issue is a lack of vampiric being a relevant ability. Its currently a cognitive load with almost no in game effect. I think the minimum should be at least 5+. and the default for an on foot vampire be 3+

  • for me the problem isn't even with the categories, but more with the objectives. There is no incentive to have lots of scoring. Some scoring sure. And that is why you see lists typically run between 2-4 scoring units. For it to feel more like an army this value probably needs to be higher. And for me the easiest way is to have a more 40k inspired objective system. Where most scenarios have circa 4-6 active points that move over the course of the game. Where each point you hold gives you a point.…

  • I think it's due to allowing special troops in such large sizes. If special infantry were limited to max 20, then core units would make more sense. They would be worse point for point in defense or killing power. But just not enough staying power in total. But then a lot of balance would need to change as regarding stomps, impact hits, breath weapons etc.

  • very interesting. So who is Henry's mother?

  • My idea is that the usual range of 6" for panic checks of destroyed friendly units of the enemy is raised. Some where between 9" and 12" me thinks.

  • Quote from TowerGuard712: “I could imagine that allowing units to effectively borrow ranks (not just rank bonus) for steadfast and disruption might be a bit too strong. Maybe I'm wrong here but the mechanic gets much more complex. For example a Hydra could flank and borrow a rank to cause disruption, etc. I feel that might break the core mechanics a bit too much. ” except hydra doesn't have academy training so would not need to worry about that. This would work when 10 corsairs hit a flank lose …

  • so I guess vs, ud and he are going to be the next lab books

  • Quote from Grouchy Badger: “I could have just T-Posed in the center and denied him any kind of secondary, but really who wants to play against a VC player that does that? ” Yeah the objectives do encourage some what lame play style.

  • I don't like it. Nor do I think it's fitting with lamia.

  • Quote from LeXincerta: “Quote from Cam: “Div seems thematically appropriate but we haven’t seen the fluff behind the decision. Personally I think Cosmo is the worst path so I’ll just be biased in these convos. ” So you find Witchraft actually better than Cosmology? Personally I find Witchraft as the worst, not enough impact and I would like to se a redesign of this lore completly. As Find Cosmology on par with Occultism. Problem with the letter is it works only one several builds (Dragon Oracle …

  • I prefer the opposite idea, of being able to split units. Especially as a charge reaction.

  • Quote from Grouchy Badger: “I think it would be neat if every rank of zombies got to fight. Would make zambonies scurry. ” that would open the flood gates about why unit x cant fight in more ranks when untrained zombies can figure it out.