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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Wow, it's fantastic with paint on. We'll want some scenic diorama style shots with models duking it out in the arena! And bystanders, if you happen to have some for a crowd.

  • The kind and skilled artist Joel Chaim Holtzman has given me permission to pick from his personal works for non-profit (i.e. homebrew) T9A use. So here are two recent pieces by master Holtzman, which may adorn the Al-Qassar homebrew army book: abassid_warrior_by_joelchaimholtzman_dde3z51-fullview.jpg Abassid Warrior hamsa_by_joelchaimholtzman_ddh9k7z-pre.jpg HamsaQuote from Joel Chaim Holtzman: “Here is a new personal painting I made around 2 weeks ago. It is part of my worldbuilding project, an…

  • Some more ideas from Warhammer-Fan over on Deviantart. Check them out, and please respond if you like (I'll pass on answers to him): Quote from Warhammer-Fan: “Has anyone decided to make an experimental slave race of the Chaos Dwarfs as a twisted fusion of Greenskin and Beastman? Like Minotorks or Ungorblins? ________________ What about more random magical Chaos Gribblies, like Bog Octopi and Samd Clams from WFRP 1st Edition? ________________ Any ideas for unusual hybrids a Chaos Sorcerer could …

  • Utterly fantastic. This is near to Tabletop World quality and build methods. Very dedicated!

  • Brainstorming thread for Ezorian (Isaurian) Vermin Swarm tribes, among other Minor Augean highlanders, is up now. Check it out and contribute your own ideas: Tribes of the northwest Barren Mountains wS4xFin.jpg

  • Brainstorming thread for Karkuwiyan (Karian) Orcs & Goblins, among other Minor Augean highlanders, is up now. Check it out and contribute your own ideas: Tribes of the northwest Barren Mountains wS4xFin.jpg

  • wS4xFin.jpg Tribal fight in the northwest Barren Mountains The Caucasus Mountains are famous for harbouring many different peoples since ancient times, with tribes barely being in contact with the others in the next valley. While the open steppes of Central Asia provided the perfect stomping grounds for nomadic conquerors to forge new peoples through an ethnogenesis of the winners take it all (for as long as they keeps winning), mountainous Caucasus instead provided shelter for the weak, and pre…

  • Absolutely lovely work, Everstrife! This is the spirit. Exploratory, communally working together, with minis and artwork to boot in the pipeline. Just beautiful to behold. Sidenote on Pygmies: I suppose there would also be peaceful pygmy tribes (Taphrian equivalent to Halflings/Hobbits), given real pygmy peoples' harmless and unwarlike way of life. But in a fantasy wargame, those wouldn't show up much on the radar, at least not for army lists if there are also warlike pygmies (because martial an…

  • Henge Chariot UrHBMNG.jpg Quote from "Matthew Klaas de Witte": “Original fan content "It's a shame you can't just pick up the Ogham Stones and take them with you, they're so helpful casting spells, but never in exactly the right place when you need them" - Boio Windspeaker, Truthsayer of The Circle. Unwitting inventor of the Henge Chariot. The Ogham Stones augment the winds of magic, improving the quality of spell, and ease of casting. Other Truthsayers scoffed and even laughed at Boio's idea, b…

  • Lovely work! Thought you might want to invert the outward-curving khopesh blade into an inward-curving shotel sickle sword (whose purpose is to get behind the enemy's shield), the most distinctive weapon of ancient Ethiopia, upon which fantasy Kegiz Gavem is based. (Hidden Content) Cheers!

  • A few members on CDO have showed their painted or unpainted metal Kharmazabetch miniatures. No links on hand though, sorry. Should be somewhere in the army logs the last 2 years. Perhaps try contacting them again on E-mail?

  • @Mad 'At: Very nice! This is already finished and has already been published/released/posted? Then just change some minor things (layout, wording in a couple of places, art or pictures or the like; not much, just a little something; write a short story or whatever) for an entry version, and enter away. Work should be new/not seen before in a finished state for contest, and a minor update counts as being all new where rules are concerned. One can't expect anyone to come up with completely new rul…

  • Good to see it up here as well! But you're not shameless enough. (Hidden Content)

  • DxWmiWO.jpg Artisan's Contest XXVIII is up now, with deadline being the 31st of October. This contest is about writing Chaos Dwarf skirmish warband rules! The happy occasion is Age of Sigmar: Warcry, but as ever we're open to all wargames, settings and editions under the sun. Prizes are up for grabs, as ever (Bonestingers are a random draw prize): ST8iVrE.jpg lz8ubgB.jpg c1I2ll0.jpg gEtcSZy.jpg

  • Nice to hear there's action going on. We'll of course extend the date further if needed. We're grateful for every single entry we can get.

  • Great raiders and mounted bowmen of the fearsome Makhar, spare my life and head over to this thread in the For Beginners section, as per the request of lord @piteglio. There will be a great gathering of the raiding parties of the horselords. There will be pictures and glory and a prestigious title up for grabs: Lord of the Hobby. We need your pictures of your painted Makhar models for illustrating the Quickstarter army list: 1 Mounted Makhar Gyula 1 Mounted Enaree 8 Makhar Horsemen 8 Makhar Hors…

  • Alright, set to 1st of January. Let's see if we can stir up something among Makhar players. Always an adventure getting some entries at all for such fresh, new armies. But well worth the try.

  • BABIS over on Chaos Dwarfs Online likes the concept, but wonders if this is the end of rocketry? Have they been rolled into mortars?

  • @Ghiznuk: Will do. The man must be swamped in work. I know well how that is. Hope he can find the time to finish it.

  • You'll want to see this Veil of the Ages update by @piteglio. Work in progress, leave feedback in linked thread: 0ShmIYZ.jpg