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  • Quote from The Beninator: “Under 17.A - Panic Test "Units do not take Panic Tests if they are Engaged in Combat, if they are already Fleeing, or if they already passed aPanic Test during this phase." So if a unit that is fleeing loses 25% of it's unit size due to shooting or magic, it does not make a Panic Test. Is this to mean that it does not test but rather automatically fails and runs again, or it is effectively immune to running again due to losing models? ” If you are already fleeing you a…

  • Quote from Jomppexx: “Can Firebrand swap fireball for hereditary spell? Firebrand big name says: Bearer always knows fireball. No limitation on swapping it though. ” You can't swap a spell you never pick in the first place.

  • Quote from AEnoriel: “Sorry if this has been asked before. Dwarven Holds, Grim Resolve: Attack Attribute - Close Combat. The model gains +1 Attack Value for each enemy model in base contact with it (including the model it is fighting a Duel with if applicable). My Dragon seeker with Paired weapons charged and is in frontal contact with three R&F models, but engaged in a Duel with a Character standing somewhere else in the unit. How many attacks does she (yes, she's a she) use in the Duel : 5…

  • Quote from Ghiznuk: “Hello, I'd like to make sure I got it right with the new UD Hereditary Spell. It says in order to trigger it, I have to declare that I'm casting an amplified version of an Augment spell. Does it mean I have to, say, cast Know Thine Enemy every time as an Aura spell in order to activate it ? What about spells such as Altered Sight, that don't have an amplified version ? ” Amplified and boosted are not the same thing. So you double the amount of variants of spells. Know Thy En…

  • Seems odd. Maybe @Zikum can figure it out

  • Havent noticed anything, is it everytime you try to load something?

  • Quote from matrim: “Did they... OK then. Giant in a Barbarian unit is an issue but a pendulum pushed by rats isn't. Consistency (either way) would be much appreciated. ” Well Vermins don’t have Hellmaws.

  • Quote from Glakthag: “This has prolly been asked before, but here goes.. Let's say I lost my vampire spawn champion and then I cast Arise! on the unit. I bring back the champion with 1 wound. Then someone attacks the unit (not the champion specifically) and does 2 wounds. The champion has his own wound pool with 1 left, and the other models have suffered 2 wounds. So I don't lose any models, right? ” The unit loses 2 wounds. Remove models as needed, any excess wounds go on the champion.

  • Quote from Casas: “'An Ambushing Character may Ambush within an Ambushing unit that it is allowed to join (declare this when declaring which units are Ambushing). Roll only one dice for the Combined Unit.' Is this restricted to one character per unit? What about character units? ” Multiple characters can join. You can form an ambushing character only unit as well.

  • Quote from namadeva: “Quote from lasitus: “My Dragon Seeker with weapon enchantments in his paired weapons is in contact with a Iron Orcs unit with standard bearer Mikinok’s Totem. The orc player chosee paired weapons how the special Item cannot be used during this Round of Combat. Can i use the mundane version of the paired weapons to fight in the combat or i must use the grat weapon because paired cannot be used? Thanks ” From what I understand, the enchanted paired weapons become normal paire…

  • Quote from namadeva: “Quote from Lagerlof: “Quote from namadeva: “Hi! Grind attacks: it says the model allocates to the models in base contact. Can he allocate only to a character even if that character is into a R&F unit? Cheers, ” Grint attacks are not allocated, they are distributed to an enemy unit. Following the same rules as shooting. ” Thanks, Could you please tell me in which page I can find this explanation in the rulebook? Cheers, ” Rules for distributing hits is on p. 19 in slim b…

  • Quote from namadeva: “Hi! Grind attacks: it says the model allocates to the models in base contact. Can he allocate only to a character even if that character is into a R&F unit? Cheers, ” Grint attacks are not allocated, they are distributed to an enemy unit. Following the same rules as shooting.

  • Also, this project is not a democracy. For clarification.

  • Quote from Darkwise: “@DanT , i wrote this post because i find the beast giant's price too hight in comparaison of the other giant ! I just want answer. Don't burn me in hell. If we cannot focus a rules point that seems unfair, it become a dictature !!! ” You can't compare the points for units with units in other books. Even if the units are identical in every way. Maybe it will see a small price reduction with the coming updates.

  • No one would ever chose re-roll misfire over +1 to hit. I mean why would you..

  • Quote from Darkwise: “I have a question about how the giants prices are made between the different army books. Can we know the prices are made ? One finding : Giant of the warriors of the dark gods : 260pts Slave Giant of the Ogres : 265pts Giant of the Orcs and Gobelins : 285pts Giant of the ID : 300pts Beast Giant of the Beast Herds : 300pts There is a huge gap between 260 pts and 300pts !!! Mostly all giants have the same caracteristics, the same size base ... ” Different books, different spe…

  • Well if my vampire lord died from Bat swarms I would also go here and rage D;

  • Yes you played it correctly. Countercharging in the front against units with impact hits can be dangerous. It's the same situation with lances, you can use them against a countercharge in the front, but not in the flank/rear.

  • Quote from hugomac: “Quote from Ciara: “Quote from hugomac: “About the main thread: no, i don´t think we need another wound. They are hard enough, and it would skyrocket an already overcosted character. But the Vampiric discussion seems more interesting. I won´t hesitate to say that, apart of the specific cases of the varkolaks and the dark coach with their 3+: in all the other units -the 2 vampire characters, coven throne, vampire spawn, vampire knights- it is a negligible rule, wich i often fo…

  • How do you play your vampires if they are easily killed? No save? No bunker? I never find going for the enemy general an easy tactic (if the enemy knows what he's doing) with a CC army. It's not like VC have a lack of combat units or good spell damage.