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  • Armybuilder 3.x Dataset

    Ugrush - - Supporters Corner


    Thanks appreciate it. There will be some faults with on avg 50 point adjustments per army so keep your eyes open.

  • Armybuilder 3.x Dataset

    Ugrush - - Supporters Corner


    Probably a champ adjustment I've forgot @EdSteiner

  • Quote from Dancaarkiiel: “I'm really curious how you'll put those gigantic models on their destined bases. Carnosaur especially seems like an impossible task. ” The dinosaur carcass/mountain he is standing on top is designed to fit on a chariot base, but across. His head and the head of the riders is facing sideways. I'm a bit uncertain how well it will work TBH.

  • The round flying bases came with the miniatures. I haven't got around to put them on the square ones yet, but I expect to trim off some on the edges to get them within 40x40 indeed. Might just tag in @LKMiniatures on this one as they might be interested in the progress as well!

  • I bought pretty much everything in the LK KS. I've started up a plog as well. mainly assembly so far tho. Ugrush's Paiting League 2019 - Lost Kingdoms - Saurian Ancients

  • So I've been painting on the Cuatl Lord and want to show some progress pictures.…de57f0cf51dcd9646104128a4 These are the magic winds flying around the Cuatl Lord. They fade through the colors representing the Magic Paths available for SA. Red - Pyro, Orange/Brown - Shamanism, Yellow - Alch, Green, - Druidism, Blue - Divination and Purple - Evocation. I'm contemplating if I should add any light blue drybrush or something similar to show off more of a magical effect.…

  • So I'm still mainly working on assembly, but I've put some paint of the Cuatl Lord model. Only a rough baseline for the rings surrounding him tho. Debating with myself if I should include gems etc in these rings. I guess it will depend on how I do the rest of the model, but it works while I figure out how to paint the rest of the model. I want it to look like Mayan cultural heritage, so I might keep them as is in the end.…de57f0cf51dcd9646104128a4 Since last post I…

  • Quote from WastelandWarrior: “Those models look awesome but the scale looks crazy. Is it possible to actually make a unit?! ” Dunno yet, still doing assembly Preparing for a national tournament these days, but the Cuatl Lord is soon ready to be shown off before paint.

  • Got some work done on the assembly of the Cuatl Lord. I've done quite some repairs with green stuff, but getting there. The circles are soon done:…de57f0cf51dcd9646104128a4 The magic winds that shall surround the cuatl is ready for priming…de57f0cf51dcd9646104128a4 The Cuatl Lord himself still need some minor patching of elbow joints etc.…de57f0cf51dcd9646104128a4 The base with rotation mechanism is read…

  • Cool plog, I dig your conversions Might steal that smoke idea myself!

  • Got some more assy pictures now. Spearbacks. These were quite nice to put together and decent moulding.…de57f0cf51dcd9646104128a4 Caiman Ancient. This mould must have glitched around 1-1,5mm during curing, had to spent a significant amount of time trimming and fixing. I got him together properly after some greenstuff work.…de57f0cf51dcd9646104128a4 You can spot the RnF Saurus from LK just left of him and next to the left is a blurry C…

  • Hello all So this crazy guy went ahead and spent a shitload on Lost Kingdoms Kickstarter last year! Now the package has arrived and I've just started assembly.…de57f0cf51dcd9646104128a4 This was my 30th birthday present for myself last year, so I'll take my time and do this one properly! I'll be posting update as I time goes by, but don't expect light speed out of this paint wise. First assembly has been done for the Warlord on Foot. The model is quite sizeable com…

  • Nice work! I think the blue gives a proper contrast to the model. Gives it more life possibly. The blue looks a bit strange from the front maybe, but form the side it gives character to the model i think.

  • Really good job, now get the army on a table and show us some pics in action

  • Wow, a lot of cool stuff AP! Greatly looking forward to see a larger amount of the army on the table in a near future!

  • Case: Sorceror/Barb Chief in Dark Chariot forms unit with Warrior Chariot. They have re-roll panic and break testes from Battle Fever/Path of the Favoured. Problem: Both rules requires more than half of the models in the unit to have BF/PftF to gain the benefit. RAW they lose both rules, but is this intended?

  • Armybuilder 3.x Dataset

    Ugrush - - Supporters Corner


    Unit size is hard coded both as min and max and if you were to adjust it you would need to make another DB/file set. We can make alternations, as with with alternative WDG books, but those adjustments are not available to the end unser. And yes, the deviation between starting and additional model cost if covered but a fixed +/- to get starting cost correct.

  • Chess Clocks in T9A

    Ugrush - - General Discussion


    Locally and nationally we're running 3h per game in singles and 4h in teams. I believe ETC also runs on the same time intervals. 2:45 is feasible in singles if there are few participants and you don't have to use time to look for the correct table and find your opponent.

  • Has anyone really looked at the statistics of flies in synergy with magic? I was faced with an army of 3+3+6 flies in a situation where my opponent had spectral blades, smite the unbeliever and whispers of the veil available to cast. everything in my army died due to the damage I caused the flies from the resulting toxic hits. Got a hefty flashback to the ethereal swarms a few years ago.

  • Models for Daemon Legions

    Ugrush - - Daemon Legions (DL)


    Armoured Whelks looks like a good hoarder option, but it all comes down to how big those round bases are and if they will fitt on 40mm square ones or not. The Yarazi can probably do as furies and the morphling could maybe work as a deciever?