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  • I am a bit sad that great weapon disciples went up. Others may not have seen their value but they were rock solid at that price. I'll just flirt over towards the kadim again instead as they are now in a better spot and ignore the Chosen for a while. That said, disciples are epic redirectors and for 130 points now the are very hard to resist. They are unbreakable, aegis 5+ on a small base, I have had one unit of 5 chaff a unit for 3 turns. They will make a great flaming conga line that obliterate…

  • I've been leaning towards a no Onyx Core Overlod in a big unit of great weapon immortals for a while. Primary reason is it generally counters UD chariot-star and monster mash, which I have been coming up against a lot lately. You only really need the overlord for hatred or protecting the prophet from challenges as all those S6 attacks and steadfast mean you can sit in line formation and dish out hurt. I too have been fielding 25+ immortals lately as threat saturation. Orcs and hobbos are cheaper…

  • Very early feedback, I like it. Lots of drops for over costed things.

  • Shrapnell gun

    Tsagadai - - Infernal Dwarves (ID)


    It is still quick to fire so unless you are hitting a hard target at long range it should only be 5s or 6s.

  • ID General Chat

    Tsagadai - - Infernal Dwarves (ID)


    I wasn't going with anything deeper than an opinion statement. It isn't personally what I would expect the top to look like. I probably should play more UB to get a bit of broader exposure.

  • ID General Chat

    Tsagadai - - Infernal Dwarves (ID)


    That balance list is whack. OK and VS aren't really that high performing. My only hope for the updates is that Divination gets a bit of a nerf, it deserves some smackdown.

  • Lose fly gain ethereal

  • Quote from Manxol: “As simple as giving each lore to a single church, like "Alchemy Prophets are Nebzikesh, Fire Prophets Lugar, Occultism Shamut" could do the trick ” Then ashuruk gets witchcraft! Quote from Shako: “Quote from Tyranno: “Quote from Shako: “You might end up getting what you want. I could for example see the flamer to stay a flamethrower for the normal artillery and probably the gunnery team (at least I'd hope so) while I could see it becoming a breath weapon for infernal engine/b…

  • Please make the engine flamer a breath weapon, that would be so much fun.

  • My army: ID Opponents army: OnG Score: 1-19 MVP: Disciples of Lugar LVP: Hobgoblin Bolt Throwers My army: ID Opponents army: OnG Score: 17-3 MVP: Disciples of Lugar LVP: Orc Slaves My army: ID Opponents army: DL Score: 1-19 MVP: None LVP: Kadim Titan

  • The real question is whether slaves are going to special. If it is just standard sized models that might mean only smaller bases in core. While they would be a bit different in special if they got more bonuses and a points drop I would probably still take them.

  • Quote from Traumdieb: “So he is getting back to 1.3.4 with infernal amour which is practically no change because he has 4+ currently too (but no ward save vs. fire. It does not say he keeps his Amour 1 in profile. Weapon sound like infernal weapon which is no difference to giant club. ” Other giants have the 1 armour so I would assume ours actually becomes an armoured giant and goes to 3+ with Infernal Armour (nice ward against flaming too). I have an epic giant model I should get a picture of s…

  • Just thinking about how good Taurakh with light troops and flintlock axes would be...

  • My army: Infernal Dwarfs Opponents army: EoS Score: 0:20 MVP: Disciples of Lugar (great weapons) LVP: Infernal Warriors (blunderbusses) and Infernal Engine (shrapnel guns) My army: Infernal Dwarfs Opponents army: VS Score: 20:0 MVP: Disciples of Lugar (great weapons) LVP: None My army: Infernal Dwarfs Opponents army: OK Score: 17:3 MVP: Immortals and Orcs (shields) LVP: Taurukh My army: Infernal Dwarfs Opponents army: UD Score: 1:19 MVP: Prophet (of the dice gods) LVP: Blunderbusses and BSB My a…

  • I am assuming you mean orcs not hobgoblins. 1: Do you like Slaves in their current role? Love them 2: Do you think slaves fight well right now? Yes. I use them regularly in all configurations, big units, minimum size units, naked, shields, two hand weapons. 3: Do you think slaves should be better or worse at fighting? They are in a very good place. The special rule is a good handicap which balances them out. They should stay the same and definitely should not get scoring. 4: Do you think slaves …

  • ID FAB Public Idea Thread

    Tsagadai - - Infernal Dwarves (ID)


    I don't really want duplicates of any of the items in the main arcane compendium for reasons other than broken combos. It will be bland and get us hit with the nerf hammer. I'd prefer marks/runes/bloodlines/whatever for our characters that gives our units bonuses. I'd be content with them not having too much of an effect on the characters themselves other than the effect they provide to the unit to prevent cowboys. The Chosen of Lugar is currently a good example of this, he makes the Disciples s…

  • I am amazed no one took Besheluk's Mechanism. It isn't that bad with mass Kadims and it is good at keeping the Titan alive. Maybe it is a meta thing and they prefer more bodies.

  • I really like the idea of Blunderbusses on CG. It gives them more fightiness and makes them even more of a threat. But it will have a cost. A better question is why not both? Blunderbusses and Flintlocks on IW and CG. That way we can basically decide whether we want them to be slightly better at shooting and fighting or cheaper. That would give us a lot of flexibility and still allow horde blunderbusses but making small units that can fight more viable (10 or 15 CG with blunderbusses would be ve…

  • My army: Infernal Dwarfs Opponents army: WDG Score: 4-16 MVP: Hobgoblin Backstabbers and Disciples of Lugar LVP: Titan Mortar Bound Daemon

  • Potential fix for the rocket battery, it has a chance to spawn a baby kadim 1" from the target if it doesn't wound.