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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • The problem with "increase CV for large and gigantic only" is the hierophant rule : you can boost a standard unit and still raise constructs. Well, as the one who suggest (or recall) this nerf in the last thread about it, I need to test it (I planned to play DE for a time), but with all the other nerf, I find it too big for now. It would have been legit if implemented at the start and then the army would have see more test before freezing, but this beta isn't long enough to adapt the different p…

  • Your Army: DE Opponents Army: SA Score: 15-5 MVP DE Unit: medusa LVP DE Unit : disciples

  • Nouvelles du front

    Minidudul - - France


    Oui, bien sûr. L'équipe est dessus, on a eu les documents moins de 24h avant leur sortie, ce qui fait qu'on n'a pas pu être synchro. Pour les plus pressés, vous pouvez notez que c'est uniquement (à 2/3 exceptions près) des changements de coût en point (la grande majorité des textes en bleu sont des clarifications et inclusion d'errata déjà présent en français). La liste en fin de fichier permet de retranscrire facilement si vous voulez annoter votre version imprimée.

  • Sure HBE have that, and for what I know they don't like it so much. But for DE, if we want to push in the MSU/MMU theme of the army AND don't go for raw defensive stats, it's great to give this kind of debuff which are 1) active, 2) easy avaible (to be effective on multiple enemy unit - just care to don't let them stack). I'll be quite surprised if the team deliver a book without thoses thing. It can be a good surprise, but for now I can't figure an other way that fit as well. In this exemple ab…

  • OK, it's a new layer of condition.

  • In the new version of DH : Quote: “Yer comin’ with me! : Close Combat. (2) The attack is allocated towards a R&F model in that model’s unit. The hit is distributed onto the unit. ” Does this mean that the attack can only be distributed onto the R&F models of the unit ? Or it's to avoid distributing the attack in an unit of character only ? The R&F part wasn't in the errata, and here it's just confusing.

  • I don't plan to play UD before december, but for me most of those changes seem OK, maybe a little hard, espacially those one : - chariot didn't need all this point increase (a little one were totally fine), a more decent decrease of the skeleton have helped more - the 2 point to casting value is really a hard one, 1 would have been reasonable Some funny things : - NG cost change seems totally random, it's the additionnal model who need help, the units of 15 are already insanely cheap - why the H…

  • I personnaly consider armies with only 20% of core having failed to deliver a good book. So, I hope it's will not be a choice of the team. But to represent an elite army we can also have some troops with a better profile in core, as, let's say dwarven grey barb ? Blades are not exactly at this level now, but maybe corsair can fill this place after a redesign. So with dark raider, the 25% core will certainely not be a burden even for the ones who want a more "elite" army.

  • Your Army: DE Opponents Army: WDG Score: 20-0 MVP DE Unit: - LVP DE Unit: - Your Army: DE Opponents Army: WDG Score: 10-10 MVP DE Unit: - LVP DE Unit: prince on pegasus (too fragile/unreliable) The two game where at 6000pts with similar lists: 2x25 legionnaries 2x10 blades (or 1x 10 blade and 1x10 corsairs vangard) 2x5 raiders 2x5 harpies 2x1 medusa 2x5 yema disciples w/ 1 champion (or with 2 champion but one without yema) 2x15 judges 1x altar BSB priest on altar oracle on foot (master witchcraf…

  • For the annual point revision decenber is probably the good date. For the full book, not likely, Infernal Dwarf started something like 3 month before us and don't had the first beta yet, so it's unlikely the DE one is published in 3 month. The first beta may be seen spring 2020 (start or late it will be a good question).

  • Well, don't be so harsh. The army is meant to be close combat specialist, so it can be a tool to deal with the shooting unit and encourage to deal with thoses unit in CC frontaly and not spending too much time trying to flank it (at least) or trying to outrange the shooting specialist in front. Sure it will be trash if it's the (one and only) army wide special rule, but for some particular units, or a cheap magical banner (20pts) / artifact (as the units who benefit the most have rarely access t…

  • Surely not army-wide, but for some units more dedicated to the harassment (raven cloaks, raiders, harpies, even corsairs and acolytes) it's a nice addition. Depending how cults are managed, it can be tied to one of them, thinking of Cadaron first.

  • Scroll of dessication

    Minidudul - - Undying Dynasties (UD)


    Same size the terrain you replace. In fact "replace" is not the good term, the piece of terrain you choose just lose his rule and gain another, there is no kind of swaping. It's the same for the WDG banner, the piece of terrain remain the same size, position, etc.

  • Salut, 1) toutes les distances sont déterminées entre les points les plus proches des unités. C'est pareil pour les charges, même si la distance à parcourir pour la plupart (si ce n'est toutes) des figurines est plus grande. En vrai le mouvement de charge est illimité, la distance ne sert que pour le jet. 2) c'est le même nombre pour chaque joueur. ça gagnerait en effet à être précisé "pour chaque joueur" plutôt que "pour les 2 joueurs". 3) ça dépend sur qui on tire. Si c'est une unité de même t…

  • Well, he said that it's a fact weel-know and the change will be appreciated with this in mind. I hope every guess that an underpower unit with a nerf will have good upgrade to compensate, no ? So, the point is to know what boost they will get, and for what role in the army. Obviously it will not be long-range shooting, but maybe we can be creative and find something cool in the mid-range shooting/support ? it can be raw strengh (3 shoots with S4 Ap1 and aim (3+)) and/or some debuff on their targ…

  • I think it's better to say that in the main book, we better have all option avaible equally in order to avoid niche build that may be overpowered, or totaly useless. I personnaly prefer if all option are equally available and competitive. And it seems it's the line of T9A project, just compare the old demon book with the new in term of restrictions and niche builds.

  • It will be fun if the army had an army wide conclave limit instead of just on the disciple. So, in my mind, every cult unit can upgrade his champion (20pts as usual) to a wizard (+100pts, and, let's say max. 2 in the army) with a spell selection depending the cult (nabh give some of the alchemy, yem witchcraft ones, etc). Then cult priest can be something else than just another bad warrior/bad wizard.

  • I don't see why you focus this much on Shamanism : the path is more tied to a primitive magic and not to a civilised nation like the Daeb have one. It's not really the "beast path" we had before, it have the same root, but it's different. On a game point of view, Shamanism is certainly good (I rate it better than divination now, and better than witchcraft for movement threat), but fluffwise, not that much. I agree that Alchemy seems to fill a niche, in lore (see my questions and their answers at…

  • The volley fire rule is in two independant part : - the one for line of sight/cover that apply any time. - the one for the additionnal rank of shooting that apply only if you don't move and are in line formation. So the unit of 5 wide even if it didn't move they fire 10 time. If in line (8 wide) an unit of 25 can fire 24 time (the one at the 4th rank can't shoot).

  • Yes, you can. As Nicreap said.