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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Finally some more deserved comments on the proposals above Quote from Casp: “And finally I would add a new artefact item: « holy Relic » (Xpts) (0-3) For inquisitor and prelate only, The wearer and his unit gain hatred. (See prelate section for detail) ” Like this one. Not sure if the actual point discount on the Inquisitor suffices to make him more popular. Hatred would Quote from Casp: “Officier & Officier superior. This would simply give him the opportunity to give 1 or 2 order. Exactly like …

  • There is an arcane engine missing besides your wizard, unless he´s exponentially expensive Would be helpful, if you mark the changes in points within your rooster or at least the final point cost of the list.

  • Somehow not only additional models from the EOS reiters got cheaper(as per update) but also accidentally the starting size(now 140 pts).

  • Quote from imperialengineer: “I haven't seen the usage numbers, but my impression was that it wasn't taken often and that should be grounds for an adjustment. Anyone know how often it showed up in lists in the data? ” I think it was used quite a lot, my own tourney list not included, @Adaephon_Delat made a unit count and can share the numbers maybe. You find it too expensive for 160 points?

  • Quote from Clangeddin Silverbeard: “I wasn’t married to spamming hunters & rochs ” I was but I´ll hopefully survive this painful divoce

  • Thanks for the feedback, but please post the next over here:…r-eos-community-feedback/

  • Quote from Idum: “should it be understood as Foresight=290pts / Shield = 280? Particularly surprising since Foresight sees much less play than shield, and thatwould go into the opposite direction as the character mount version. ” Let´s ask if that was just a typo? @Blonde Beer

  • Quote from Jarek: “Auchors as all other monsters went up. Nothing dramatical. Hunter with auroch underneath seems playable ” That´s my workaround too. My old list is basically screwed over with two hunters, two rock arochs, and lygurs and essence on the shaman general- which all got more expensive. Thus I´ll set the second hunter on a roch auroch, take some giants into the rooster and swap the second auroch completely. Mamooth doesn´t really help me cause my bruisers strike last anyways. The new…

  • Quote from The Changing Constant: “Can we skip this update since we are a tier 4 army with no problematic elements? ” Your funny, man- it´s too late for that Besides, some elements needed discounts urgently(like Inquisitor, cavalry and so on).

  • 2.1

    greentide - - Empire of Sonnstahl (EoS)


    Battlescribe has already updated EOS, 9th builder will need a bit longer this time it seems.

  • Gentlemen- please post your feedback about the update over here:…r-eos-community-feedback/ P.S. My list got marginally cheaper. And it felt quite competitive already with more points and less bodies. The stank point rise is a bummer though

  • 2.1

    greentide - - Empire of Sonnstahl (EoS)


    Gentlemen- please post your feedback about the update over here:

  • Greetings, fellow citizens, marshalls and generals of the Empire the update is upon us, with mostly discounts on unit types but also some increases on reliable elements of our Army. Please give your feedback over her- and keep the faith in Sunna special item_The Light of Sonnstahl 155 -> 150 special item_Death Warrant 55 -> 60 special item_Hammer of Witches 45 -> 40 special item_Imperial Seal (Models on foot only) 100 -> 105 special item_Karadon's Courser (Knight Commanders and Marshals only) 50…

  • Is it? My list with two hunters and two aurochs is totally screwed.. But I like some other aspects of the update(Bombardiers St. Dize and tuskers cheaper).

  • Quote from Izomov: “You really play the flaggies in place of chicklets or IG? As they are right now, 2x15 make for excellent speed bumps/tarpits to set up a charge for an actually good unit :p ” No, not really with the same function. But if I build my rooster these units compete for my points in special(fighting units). Since my char set-up, core-slot and warmachines+ stank are basically decided the units above are the last choices to decide.

  • While Quests are cheaper, hit fear-causers at +1 and they aren´t charge dependant. And they can flee if need be. Better on the grind with always strength 6. I remember Klexe and others prefering Grails, overall Questies seem more popular(ETC and Single tournaments). The spanish Double Grail list from last year is definitivly a thing of beauty I think both have their merits but grail knights are more dependant on druidism(regrowth is huge on such expensive models).

  • Quote from Idum: “Imperial Guard SU --------------6% Imperial Guard BU -------------63% Knights of the Sun Griffon SU 46% Knights of the Sun Griffon BU --6% Flagellants SU -------------------10% Flagellants BU --------------------8% ” While flagellants as such may be fielded in some lists, they are still underrepresented a lot in comparison to Imperial Guard and Griffons. For me, these units compete with one another and flagellants are way less popular than the other choices. Will point reductio…

  • Quote from DarkSky: “I got some previews to be able to start the work already and have done DE and EoS already (unless they change something in the meantime) ” Great News, thanks for all your relentless efforts Wishlist: Please do Ogre Khans next(after EOS and DE) when they are released

  • Can we have an official HB book for 2.1 where most of the stuff gets cheaper as expected and one specifically for cptcosmic where all his nightmares finally come true? So everybody gets what he wants

  • You know how much was at stake Must be the trauma from another year, when we were late and got no tickets at all