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  • Can you explain me how can it be,??? we are a bottom tier army but anyway continue to get price increases????? while all the elves get cheaper and cheaper??? Is because we dont cry enough? How can it be that if we get a worse stank, it could remain in the same price?

  • Quote from The Changing Constant: “I am unsure what to expect for EoS being a fourth tier army. @DanT brought up, how often do we expect a a particular unit entry to be taken? Well almost all entries are take at least a handful of times, so does that disbar those entries from a price drop? On the flip side we have a handful of entries that are modestly over represented, such as Black steel, Death Warrent, Steam Tanks, Light Infantry, Reiters, imperial guard and maybe even cannons. Do we expect t…

  • I like flaggelants, but I feel they cannot compete with IG because when i play flaggies, they do perform well, and they do their job, but they die.....all of them, always. That means that i loose those points 100% guaranteed. Therefore I rather play IG, better armour and pretty tough. I think stank is not mandatory, but it is true that can solve problems that we cannot solve in any other way, and it is reliable. There are some troops, like elf witches, sword masters,....that can destroy any of o…

  • I personally think that go for cheaper troops is not the way to go, UD is an elite army and it should continue to be so. With these new casting values evo is no longer that appealing for healing, so just cosmo left.... The best would be as Nicreap suggested to have a skill like necrons, not magic dependant, that would open the game to a completely different strategies not magic dependant.If not i rather have the same magic as VC, with 4+ easy healing spell ( in 6th edition we had a standard heal…

  • Could it be an option just to remove the hourtglass? And keep the magic as it was?

  • Quote from wombat: “Quote from Folomo: “ ” In a 8 to 5 Magic Phase, ( can be guaranteed with 2 veil tokens in the pot plus use of Well of Souls ) You Can 3 dice Perception of Strength need to throw 7 or more, Ave 11 to 12 2 dice Spectral or Ancestral need to throw 6 or more, Ave 9 3 dice Book of the Dead. Ave 8 He has 5 dispel dice meaning that he will normally only knock out 1 spell. If he tries to get fancy, say 3 dice dispel of Spectral against ave throw of 9 he has no guarantee of reaching d…

  • Dudas T9A

    Litoperez - - Spain


    Los de los HBE es algo ya racial, no conozco un solo jugador de HBE que desde 6 edicion no se haya quejado constantemente de que su ejercito esta mal. La ETC es solo una referencia, fijate en el ambiente de torneos de Suecia. En Suecia se juegan mucho todos los elfos, son lo mas popular y ahi si son competitivos. Al final es un tema de meta.... En cualquier caso yo si creo que merecen un ajuste en precio, pero vamos que son cosas que tienes que ser un profesional para notar la diferencia en la p…

  • Idea for new unit

    Litoperez - - Empire of Sonnstahl (EoS)


    For me the most interesting would be that this could open for new game styles with EoS. Could it be possible a more guerrilla army with scouts, super scouts and militia? What role could the inquisitor have here? Can we make the inquisitor to have sinergies with the non-oficial part of the army? I can image a catachan-empire army...

  • Personally I understand the changes with 2 exceptions: -Hereditary spell: looks to me that druidism is getting better at healing than the undead. +2 to large models would fix it for now -charriots: they were already nerfed, and is the most iconic troop of the army. The raise in points is too much.

  • I think GW is probably the best miniature producer, and for me some of the best miniatures are: -All the mordheim set: specially Aenur miniature -Juand Diaz slanesh deamons -Archaon on horse -Grimor and Wurzak -Old stone trolls

  • Hei, Good job. I think all the important stuff is here, so its amazing to see that is possible to get it done in 26 pages. I just have layout-related concerns: -Turn phase: I will highlight even more each phase, and make the sequence easier to follow by using numbers like: 1. declare charges, 2 mandatory movements, 3 movement..... and by making the titles bigger and bolder. - I think the white boxes and the images that fall out of the "main margins" are quite annoying. I think it is ok to have a…

  • Legendary rule book?

    Litoperez - - General Discussion


    Of course, I understand the situation now. Then we wait

  • Barrow legion is for heroes, thats why we need to go with a pharaoh on foot. For me the worst with barrow legion is the mandatory heavy armour on archers and on NG. Because that makes both troops more expensive but not better....

  • Legendary rule book?

    Litoperez - - General Discussion


    For me it would be better to find someone who can edit book and pay him to do the jobb, if we are lacking manpower

  • This post is epic, not just T9a related but philosophical-statistical-quantum-physics-related Politicians should come here to learn! Quote from IHDarklord: “I've played over 750 games in the last 3 years, solely with UD ” How is that possible? you play 5 games a week for 3 years?? I am happy when I get to play each 2 weeks....

  • The legendary version in the download section is v1.3.5

  • Hi, We asked about this a few days ago. People are working on it, but it is not done yet.

  • Legendary rule book?

    Litoperez - - General Discussion


    I have been wondering the there a kickstarter or something to get it done? (I also do not know if there are other posts where this is discussed)

  • Yep, i find these numbers very can we have Marshall just on 60% of the lists, and a wizard on the 59%....