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The latest issue of the 9th Scroll is here! You can read all about it in the news.

  • Professionally printed Magic cards

    Eru - - Supporters Corner


    Isn't it Mad'At?

  • Big wings but small... foot.

  • I've just noticed that I did a mistake in the changelog: new base cost for skeleton scouts is 140 (as in the book), not 110. Sorry! The correct new casting values are coming pretty soon.

  • Damn. They are really spoiling us!

  • Sure! Paint is WIP! Had to rush it for ETC.…69cae86f00292e5e1098e9c81…69cae86f00292e5e1098e9c81

  • Quote from Jomppexx: “How tall is this guy:…m_dkl_inf_dis_wcf_503_000 Looking to maybe get more giants after I get some stuff painted. So would have to fit on 50x75 or at least 75x100. I also like the look of the brute guys and would like to know if they would fit, one example:…m_dkl_ysn_kys_min_514_000 It would be great if the site listed a bit more info, at least height. ” I use qaano and sróx, I'm very fond of them, and they have a…

  • Working on the italiced part :p but as we want to release when it's ready, and it's really hard to know when everything will be done when there are many people involved, it's kinda mission impossible. We would have to hold on the files when ready to properly inform everyone. Not sure it would be better. Feel free to ask to join the team to be able to access to more information (Tool Support maybe?).

  • Mes ogres se repaissent encore de trolls embrochés sur des pattes de gargantula et fourrés aux gobelins Une pensée émue pour le tigre sacrifié pour que d'autres puissent vivre libres, sans la tyrannie des kamikazes gniarks. Cette tribu est endurcie par sa campagne en Serbie , ils sont fourbes et tenaces !

  • Fireforge Games support 9th Age

    Eru - - Company Showcase


    Ah, I've had a quick look at my minis, and at least one of my resin character has the 3D printing lines problem, so it doesn't seem to be an isolated problem. I'll send pics to the support.

  • [Veil of the Ages] Kickstarter

    Eru - - Company Showcase


    You could also use a stamina mechanism. Marching + shooting or spells gives -1 mvmt cumulative until you stay still once.

  • Quote from Loghaire: “Lygur's Tongue: Does Every model in the enemy unit get -1 Attack or is it 1 Attack in total? ... and if a character is in the enemy unit (and in base contact with the bearer) does he lose it as well? (Sorry, It may be a stupid question, but I could not find the "there are no stupid questions" thread, apparently) :D ” every model part (rider, mounts,...) of every model (character or not) in every unit in base contact with the bearer (note that even if one model is in contact…

  • nope because deployment is strictly under 12'' of the board edge, so you will end 0,00000001'' short

  • Fireforge Games support 9th Age

    Eru - - Company Showcase


    I've received mine this week, I can't wait to build the models, they seem awesome at first glance. I was backer 170th, but apparently my order took extra time because of an issue detected during quality control before sending. When are we seeing the next designs?

  • Quote from GenePhelps: “A warriors unit with Envy is charging down a hill. How do the rerolls work? If it fails on the initial roll rolling a 2,3,4 then rerolls the three dice because of the hill and gets a 1,3,4 can it reroll the one? How about if it rolls a 1,3,4 on the initial charge, rerolls the 1 and gets a 2, now can it reroll all three dice? ” You never reroll a dice twice. You have to keep the second result.

  • No problems with the figures? I noticed on my Rulebook print that figures completely LaTeX-generated had no colour on the Amazon print. The flowchart of an attack (figure 10) for example.

  • I like the vulture. I don't understand what's going on on its wings though, the vines thing. The big feathers could do with a bit more details, they feel a bit "flat". What entry of the book is the insectoid supposed to represent?

  • Quote from Iluvatar: “Sadly, currently, no. Because my SSD crashed, and my backup hard drive too - so I've lost any ability to generate the cards in a recent format. Unless someone has the cards in jpeg format of the proper size somewhere... but I doubt it. ” Damn that's harsh So you lost all your work on the magic cards? @Lich King Maybe it's time for us to port the magic cards to LaTeX, so we're ready for the next update...

  • Quote from Just_Flo: “Could you please check with RCT or RT before doing such things? Thank you. ” I always do Quote from TommyB: “It doesn't get the impact hits sure but it still gets the immune to fear which is nice ” You are absolutely right, we missed that!

  • Quote from TommyB: “The Thunder Cannon's Bombardier Crew is missing Sons of the Avalanche special rule. ” We thought we could remove it as it doesn't do anything.

  • Présentation des membres

    Eru - - France


    Quote from Iluvatar: “Quote from Ghiznuk: “Youpie, quelqu'un pour relire les nouvelles cartes de magie ” ” Les cartes de flux magique additionnelles !